Teacher Appreciation Week

Wow! I hadn’t realized! This has been a weird year for me, so I was glad to get a reminder via Twitter today.

Here is where I quickly send a contemporary “shout out” to some of my elementary school teachers.

To Mrs. Sams: She wasn’t my Kindergarten teacher, but the one next door. She was, though, the one that didn’t make me feel stupid when I had laryngitis. She put her arm around my shoulders and let me sit quietly in her room.  I feel like she kind of rescued me from the tedious, subdued fear of my “real” teacher.

To Mrs. Keller: First grade would have been far worse if not for her.

To Mr. Franklin: He wasn’t a teacher, but a principal and I admired him enormously for his sense of humor…and his willingness to drive me to my new school when the bus didn’t wait for me.

To Mrs. Marquardt:  Her staggering points of ignorance made me question authority at the ripe old age of eight.

To Mr. Seaman:  I love that he wanted to keep me in his class and suggested I sleep in my desk instead of move with my family.  I recognized it for what it was, even then, and am still grateful.

To Mr. Obillo: From him I learned the value of guarding my temper.

To Mrs. Patin: She will always be my model of the perfect elementary school teacher. Firm but funny, she taught and encouraged and allowed her students to know her.