Blind Date With a Book


Four weeks of GiveAways!!!

Enter this week to win one of the following titles in eBook.

Week 1

Wellesley Wives, Suzy Duffy, Chick Lit

Popsy Power, a Boston society-wife, and her best friend Sandra seem to have it all with billionaire husbands Wellesley_Wives_Low-Res_Coverand beautiful daughters. But things change . . .

From Bollinger to minimum wage, it’s a rollercoaster for the ladies who lunch. When the daughters land in a heap of trouble, too, it’s hardly surprising that their mother should worry about the next generation of Wellesley Wives.

Life can’t always be fun in the sun, but that’s why there’s fur!

Newton Neighbors, Suzy Duffy, Chick Lit

Newton_Neighbors_Low-Res_CoverNewton Neighbors is a romantic comedy about the colorful residents of Crystal Lake. They’re all chasing their dreams. Maria’s chasing her lost youth and hot Puerto Rican body. Cathi is chasing a house in Newton’s most desirable neighborhood, and Jessica is chasing her firefighter. That’s not all—Noreen is chasing her randy Bulldog.  Ely’s chasing her business empire, and Ricky’s chasing his sitter.

It’s fast, furious, and funny. Can you keep up with Newton Neighbors?

Lincoln Ladies, Suzy Duffy, Chick LitLincoln-Ladies-Hi-Res-Cover

Kate Kavanagh, an empty nester, and Madeline Stein, recently fired, find themselves leaving Lincoln and heading to Italy, all in the name of adventure. Kate’s daughter also needs to flee New York when she discovers the Big Apple bites back. With more ups and downs than a Florentine fairground, the ladies survive love, loss, and fresh pasta by laughing at life and using a doggie bag. Come enjoy the ride with the lovely Lincoln Ladies.

For Authentication Purposes, Amber L. Johnson, Romance/Erotica

They say you should write what you know, but aspiring romance writer, Dawn Sims doesn’t have much experience with romance, much less The Big O.For-Authentication-Purposes-Low-Res-Cover

Warner Green knows a thing or two or a hundred about pleasing a woman. So when he reads Dawn’s latest work in progress he thinks she may be a lost cause.

The deal is simple: provide the hands-on experience that Dawn needs to be a romance writer. No strings attached.

After all, it’s only for authentication purposes.

Passion & Propriety, Elise de Sallier, Romance/Historical

Passion&Propriety-Low-Res-CoverThere is absolutely nothing improper about Hannah Foster, the vicar of Hartley’s eldest daughter, nursing the badly wounded Viscount Blackthorn back to health. At twenty-seven, she is two years the man’s senior and a confirmed spinster. Not only is Lord Blackthorn determined to break the curse that has plagued his family for generations by letting his bloodline die out, a man of his calibre would never be interested in a woman like Hannah . . . would he?

Innocence, Elise de Sallier, Romance/Historicalinnocence

Forced to flee her father’s brutal heir, Miss Anneliese Barlow masquerades as Lisa Brown, a servant, at Worthington Hall. Captivated by the beautiful maid, the duke’s heir, Lord Marsden, offers her his protection. With her reputation ruined, Lisa surrenders her virtue, finding unexpected passion in Nathaniel’s arms. Facing danger at every turn, she must keep her identity hidden . . . or Lisa’s innocence won’t be the only thing that’s lost.

Under These Restless Skies, Lissa Bryan, Romance/Historical

Under_These_Restless_Skies_Low-Res_CoverWill Somers has always thought himself unlovable until he discovers Emma, a selkie; one of the immortal fae-folk of the sea. He seizes the chance to have a wife and family of his own and unexpectedly finds love. But Will is headed for the glittering, dangerous court of Henry VIII, where a careless word can lead to the scaffold. Can he protect his newfound love from the thunder that rolls around the throne?

Eire’s Captive Moon, Sandi Layne, Historical FictionEires captive moon

Éire’s Captive Moon, the first book of Sandi Layne’s Éire’s Viking Trilogy, brings you to the unsettled era of the early Viking raids along the coast of Éire – today’s Ireland.

Red-striped sails make their first appearance on the shores near the village of Ragor and the peaceful life of the villagers is obliterated in one deadly raid. Agnarr Halvardson and his overlord, Tuirgeis, have come to Éire for treasure, honor, and slaves.

White Trash, Alexandra Allred, Humourous

White_Trash_Low-Res_CoverWhite Trash is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud book that serves as a bitter social commentary on American hypocrisies and prejudices.  As a small police department works the biggest whodunit in Granby history, a startling underworld of domestic abuse, gunrunning, drug use, illicit sex, and child molestation is revealed.  It’s a story that neatly summarizes the reality of every American small town peopled with neighbors you can’t get away from, you can’t stop talking about, and you may not want to leave.

Damaged Goods, Alexandra Allred, Drama

When Joanna Lucas moves to a small town to escape a scandal and a scoundrel, she finds herself in trouble again damaged_goods book coverwhen she befriends a stripper-turned-Mormon, a one-legged woman thanks to a loose tiger, and a dirty-minded troublemaker with a love of inane questions, and they take on an industrial town. Erin Brockovich has nothing on these ladies!

Prepare to laugh out loud and cheer them on as they set out to right a terrible wrong . . . no matter how outlandish things get.

She Cries, Alexandra Allred, Romance/Suspense

She_Cries_Low-Res_CoverKali Jorgensen runs a dude ranch with her family in Horse Canyon, Utah, heading up cattle drives for celebrities and CEOs.  It’s a way to escape unbearable memories, but her solitude is broken when unwanted attention suddenly shines a spotlight on Rainwash Ranch.

Looking for a distraction from recent legal woes, a popular athlete decides her ranch is his best diversion. His presence is a concern for Kali and her daughters, but she soon learns that it’s Connors’ fans and his team of lawyers who may prove to be the most dangerous.

Roadkill, Alexandra Allred, Mystery/Detective

When dead prostitutes begin to appear along the rural roads of Ohio, Allie Lindell cannot stay away despite the oddsRoadkill_Low-Res_Cover—the odds being her badge-toting sister; her partner, who only wants Allie to stay home and out of harm’s way; and two little girls in full potty-training and tantrum-throwing modes. But when an old friend from The Columbus Dispatch calls with an intriguing job opportunity, Allie can’t turn her away, Allie breaks all kinds of promises to track the killer, heat up a cold case, and discover what happened to a fallen police officer. As she navigates the backstreets of Columbus, following pimps, prostitutes, sullen teenagers, and seedy gamblers, the only thing more complicated is remembering all her aliases.




The Tragedy of the Morris Girls

I had a secret project that I worked on this past autumn. I had to swear my editor (Kathie Spitz) and cover artist (Dawn at to secrecy as well, since the project was a book written expressly for my mother-in-law for Christmas.

Yep, I wrote her a book for Christmas. Okay, so it was a short story, actually, amounting to forty pages in a printed hardcover edition, complete with dust jacket.

TTOTMG front only


Passed down through the generations, the story of The Morris Girls has been deemed a tragedy—they were the last victims of Indian treachery in West Virginia—and memorialized on a monument in Nicholas County, WV.

But were they really? Or were they the victims of a treachery far more insidious that day in May, 1792?

Join Peggy and Betsy’s uncle, Benjamin Morris, as he attempts to get to the heart of the matter—and as he seeks vengeance for his nieces.

This story is family history, and I had to get it just right. I didn’t want to change the details as I was told them; I merely wanted to flesh them out.

The story is not available for public sale—I did a private printing through and was very pleased with the quality of the final product. The cover is lurid, but so is the story. It fits. But if this is something you might be interested in, drop me a line. I can order some copies to autograph and mail if you’d like, and for a limited time, I can do that for cost plus shipping to you.

I am looking at writing another book set in the 18th Century, too, but on the other end of the century. The research for that one is still happening. 😉

Reminder: For those who are into history and historical fiction, my publisher is hosting a cover reveal and blog tour for the final book in my Éire’s Viking trilogy: Éire’s Devil King. Details here on my site.

Book A Day


Welcome to June!

I heard about this Book a Day idea and thought I’d try it out here on my blog. This is how it’ll work.

I am going to “pin” this to the front page and add the title of a book that fits the requirement of the day as per the graphic above.

If you want to join in, share where you’re posting in the comments below, and check back here daily. 🙂


1stThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum I read this book cover to cover, flipped it over, started again. I did this until the cover fell OFF the BOOK. I don’t know why. 🙂

2ndTeam of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I got this book for only $3.99 in trade paperback. It was originally $21.00, and I was pretty chuffed. 🙂 This was my best bargain from last year that wasn’t a Kindle deal. 🙂

 3rdSeize the Nightseize the night

4thNorthanger Abbey by Jane Austen. I love Austen. I know Northanger Abbey is something like a parody, made to be exactly what it is. I know that. But. This is my least favorite book by Austen.Once upon a time, my least favorite book of hers was Emma, but I love it, now. So who knows? Give me a few more years and Northanger may grow on me. 🙂

5thI have no books on my shelf that aren’t mine. I used to, but I sent it back to its owner. That one was The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. And, though I very much enjoyed the movie? The book was, as always, far better. 🙂

ECM-3D-Paperback-eReader6thThis is hard. I don’t often give books as gifts unless they’re mine. I don’t know why. So I’ll do a bit of a plug here and say that the book I have given most often as a gift is Éire’s Captive Moon.

7th – The book I’d forgotten I owned is Pirates of the Chesapeake. Shortly after I moved here to Maryland, my mother-in-law and I went shopping at an actual bookstore (be amazed – I don’t to them too often, these days) and I found it in Local History. I thought I might use it for research for a new book. I still might. I’ve written Vikings, but not pirates, per se. Hmm… 😉

8th – Now. For those who know me, the title of the book for which I have more than one copy is what might be termed a “no-brainer”. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I have quite a few copies of this wonderful Jane Austen novel and I suspect I always will. 🙂

Making or P&P9th – This should surprise no one. My first choice for book that is a movie or television tie-in would have to be this. The Making of Pride and Prejudice.

10thRilla of Ingleside. The final book (I think) of the Anne of Green Gables series proper, this book centers around Anne’s youngest daughter, Bertha Marilla Blythe – Rilla – as she grows up during WWI. It’s a hard novel to read at times, a beautiful story about a maturing young woman, and there is a sweet romance in there as well. This book reminds me of waiting for the man who would one day by my husband when we were pen pals while he was in the USMC. Remember, bittersweet is my favorite flavor.

11th – My secondhand bookshop gem would have to be a book I really wanted to find but couldn’t find it except in a used bookstore. It’s The Hampshire Hoyden by Michelle Martin and is, to me the ultimate of what a Regency Romance can be in terms of verbal sparring, social mores, and sheer entertainment. 

12th – To be honest, there really isn’t a book I pretend to have read. I am secure enough in my literary background to own up to books I just haven’t read and don’t want to read. I’m okay with that.

biblioholism cover13thA book that makes me laugh every time without fail is Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction by Tom Raabe. Read through the timeline alone for some serious chuckles. Especially if you are an industry professional.

14th – Today’s book is to be an old favorite. I have acquired so MANY favorites over the decades that it was hard to pin down one. But in the end, I choose Dragonsong, by Anne McCaffrey. This is the first book in the Harper Hall trilogy that takes place on McCaffrey’s world of PERN, and is about young Menolly, who has to suffer much before she can achieve her dream of being a Harper.

Atticus Finch and Kids15thWhen asked who my Favorite Fictional Father is, my answer is immediately Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. For the record, I loved him as a dad before I saw Gregory Peck in the movie, but Peck did nail the role and will forever be Atticus Finch to me.

16thWhy haven’t more people read the book The Princess Bride by William Goldman? We’ve all seen the movie (right? RIGHT?) but the book remains a largely undiscovered gem.

17thA future classic? I think Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton might be one, but it’s hard to say, these days!

Curious Incident cover18th – I bought the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon on recommendation years ago. It was rec’d to me because I have a son on the Autism Spectrum. This is the only work of fiction I’ve read featuring someone with ASD and it was very interesting, to me. 

ACK! Feeling horribly guilty. I haven’t updated this in a week. My apologies!

Let’s catch up:

19thThis is one I JUST READ. How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You by T.M. Franklin. It’s a YA I got because I know the author and it’s charming! See my review here.

20thFavorite cover? Aside from the awesome covers my cover artists have made for me? Here is one I like a lot – though I didn’t, at first. It’s for Picture Maker by Penina Keen Spinka. 

21stA great summer read? I’d recommend 1632 by Eric Flint. This is a science-fiction-historical-fiction-messing with the time stream kind of story. There is language, people, but it’s a fascinating story.

22ndA great book that you’ll have to look for because it’s out of print is The Hampshire Hoyden by Michelle Martin. I love this book. The perfect Regency Romance.

23rdA book I had to read at school is Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Sorry, folks. I cannot recommend this one, but it does fulfill the requirement for this day.

24thI don’t know that I have a book that hooked me in to reading. I started reading when I was, like, two. So there isn’t a book that made me do it. I just…did.

25thBooks I never finished… Ah, there are a few of those. One of them is The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I tried. I really did. I just couldn’t do it.

26thSomething that should have sold more? *grin* Mine! lol Okay, something that’s not mine, maybe? How about Columbus was Last by Patrick Huyghe. At the very least, it deserves more ratings on Goodreads.

And now that I’m all caught up, I’ll try to do better the rest of the month.

27thI think the only book in which I would have liked to be one of the characters was Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. 🙂  Of course, I think I wanted to be Mary. 🙂

28thAlas, I don’t have a favorite independent bookshop… 😦 

prideandprejudice-mp29th – The book I have read most often in the course of my life, aside from the Bible, is Pride and Prejudice. I know, big surprise, eh? It’s a classic. My mother gave me my first copy of it when I was thirteen years of age, and I became a huge fan of Austen in college (my thanks Dr. Ruth ap Roberts!). I now have several editions of P&P in print, as well as all the major screen adaptations on VHS and DVD. This story will never be old for me. 

30th – The final book on this list is the one I’d save if my house were on fire. I have to say, I don’t know that I have a book like that. I might try to get our Chronicles of Narnia series as it’s bound in leather and looks nice. I might try for my Jane Austen anthology. But in reality? I’d likely make sure my Kindle were tucked into my purse while I got the paintings off the wall. Because the paintings in my house are original oils done by artists in my family and they’re irreplaceable. Much as I love my books, even the rare ones, they are not as dear. 

And thus we end Book a Day!

Book Birthday – MORE


MORE is one year old – so let’s celebrate!

Enter the giveaway to win some fun prizes as we get ready for the release of The Guardians on November 7th!


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And hey – here’s a birthday present for everyone – WINDOW is FREE October 7-11th – so spread the word!


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Liebster Award

Ich danke Ihnen.

I was gratified and surprised to be selected for a Liebster Award from author and musician Olivia Slocum See that URL? How can one resist a claymore and surcoat? Click on over, say hello, check out her work, and bring chocolate. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve responded to one of these before – honestly, it’s been a weird year – but I’m going to give it the good ol’ college try. Because I have vague memories of college…

liebster2For those I’ve nominated for this award, listed below, this is the gig:

  • Go say hello to Olivia and comment on her blog! 🙂
  • List eleven unknown facts about yourself.
  • Answer the eleven questions I’ve got below for y’all.
  • Choose your own eleven nominees (or as many as you can find!) and send them YOUR post with YOUR questions…

And the cycle continues!

So, “liebster” means “dearest” in German (my brother is a scholar and speaks the language fluently), so I’ll try to think of nice things for my FACTS.

I am unsure if anything is really unknown about me, since I’ve been dashing to and fro throughout ether-space since the last millennium, but one can try, yes?

  1. My given name is actually Sandi. It’s on my birth certificate spelled just that way.
  2. When I was born, my hair was carrot red and curly. I have no idea why it changed but I’ve always been rather sad that it did.
  3. I like salted dark chocolate. Lindt makes a good bar just like that.
  4. Having been trapped in an elevator (my own fault) at a young age gave me claustrophobia, I think. Except in elevators. I don’t get it.
  5. I do things with an eight-count. Like a dancer or cheerleader. Up and down stairs, brushing my teeth, sweeping… Just about everything.
  6. I once was a choreographer. Not professionally, but yeah. It’s something no one would guess by looking at me.
  7. I threw furniture as a Sunday School teacher. In my defense, the lesson was on Jesus in the Temple courtyard doing likewise. It was fun.
  8. Every book I’ve written has at least one thing in it that only a handful of people will “get” when they read it. Private, inside jokes or memories.
  9. Special K Red Berries is my current favorite cereal.
  10. I bought myself a 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch doll. I looked and looked until I found one with coloring similar to my own children. 🙂
  11. I find teaching from Scripture is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done.

Meh. I guess I’m not good with finding “nice” things, eh?

Eleven questions from Olivia:

  1. What’s your favorite vacation destination and why?  Someplace quiet and uncrowded. The desert would be ideal. I miss it.
  2. What’s your favorite book? I don’t have A favorite. I have a bunch of favorites. Timeline by Michael Crichton. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. And about 100 more. lol
  3. What do you like on pizza? Mozzarella, spinach, and mushrooms. 
  4. Do you have a favorite song? No…but I tend to exercise to 80’s pop. 🙂
  5. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?  10% to God. 10% for play. Then work on house modifications, college funds, etc.
  6. What was your favorite pet? I have had two desert tortoises, both of whom were acquired before they were illegal to own. They were my favorite pets.
  7. If you had a time machine, where would you go? Nowhere. I’d rather let my brain imagine the past and I’d be wary of visiting the future.
  8. Do you wish I would stop asking so many questions? Sometimes, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
  9. If you found a magic lamp and were given three wishes, what would they be?  Contentment for those I love. A house that was powered by air, wind, and water. To be forever at my ideal weight. 😉
  10. How many cups of coffee do you drink in one day? One. In the morning within the first half hour from waking up or I get a headache. I am an addict.
  11. Where do you see yourself in ten years? I’ll be closing in on sixty years of age by then, so I hope I am still writing, smiling, and at a keyboard. Somewhere. 🙂

My questions for my nominees:

  1. What huge plot twist would you love to insert into any major movie?
  2. Apple juice or orange juice?  
  3. Favorite literary villain?
  4. What class in high school OR college did you most try to get out of?
  5. What class in high school OR college did you wish you could repeat because it was that interesting?
  6. Tennis shoes or sneakers?
  7. What movie do you find yourself quoting most often? Why?
  8. And lastly, When you are mentioned by someone as being most influential in their life, why will that someone mention you?

And my nominees for the LIEBSTER AWARD are….

  1. Janine at
  2. Sare at
  3. Kim Rendfeld at
  4. Jennifer and Melissa at
  5. Warren at
  6. Kristina at
  7. L. Palmer at
  8. Jack at

Yes, I have eight. This means, Nominees, that you can have EIGHT, TOO.

That’s why I have only eight questions. 🙂  Hey, it’s Summer Vacation. 🙂

Pre-Order An Unexpected Woman

Now available for pre-order:

An Unexpected Woman.

Click here to order!

Click here to order!

With publication less than a month away, you have the opportunity to order a paperback of this light, Christian romance early.

One of my favourite things is when Mark and Shelley get cheeky with each other. Each knows how to keep the other from getting in a funk. And the flirting is awesome. There are some great romantic moments that are perfectly in keeping with godly conduct. – Jess Molly on Goodreads

All pre-orders will receive a personalized, signed bookplate and a gift:


Why a flashlight on a keychain? Because heroine SHELLEY ROBERTS believes in being prepared for every contingency!

Overall, this was a satisfying read. Much in the tone of a Karen Kingsbury novel, this book should appeal to those who love Christian romances. –Sandra for

Additionally, all pre-orders will be shipped out a week before publication, so you’ll get your copy EARLY. 🙂

Cover Reveal – Lindsey Gray

Author Lindsey Gray veers from her norm in the paranormal world to bring you a fun, holiday, contemporary romance novella.

Sophie McKibbin finds herself back in Sam Crawford’s life after ten years. Unfortunately, Sam is dating Lola, Sophie’s high school nemesis. Lola dumps Sam the day before he was supposed to introduce his mystery girlfriend to his family over the Fourth of July holiday. With the looming fear of disappointing his mother once again and his long held feelings for Sophie, he asks her to take Lola’s place. With family feuds, an old flame, and feelings that have been locked away for a decade, there is bound to be some fireworks.

Cover Design by


Cover Reveal Organized by


• Title: Fireworks by Lindsey Gray

• Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

• Expected Release Date: June 20th, 2013

Add it on Goodreads

Lindsey Gray dreamed of being several different things as a child such as a doctor, an actress, and a chef, but none held her attention like putting pen to paper and creating her own world through words. She has written three full-length novels and one short story for The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House and is now taking the self-publishing leap with her novella, “Fireworks”.

A mid-west native, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, reading almost anything she can get her hands on, and making life interesting at each and every turn.

To learn more about the author and her other works visit her Blog, like her on FaceBook, follow her on Twitter, or visit her Amazon Author Page.

Not Necessarily in NYC

Armchair Book Expo of America

This week, there is a mega-event happening in New York: The Book Expo of America. But! Not everyone can get to NYC, right? So, there is an alternative for all of us who are ready for a dynamic alternative: The ARMCHAIR Book Expo of America.

Armchair BEAAs it is at the NYC event, there will be several stops over the course of the Armchair BEA. Themes for bloggers to discuss on particular days as if they were on panels. Participants are encouraged to visit the different book blogs and interact with the blogger – thus increasing traffic and bringing their own blog to the notice of others. Networking, internet style.

The themes for this year’s ABEA include:

  • The Classics
  • Blogger Development and Genre Fiction
  • Giveaways and Literature
  • Non-fiction
  • Keeping it Real and Children’s/YA Literature

There will be twitter parties and sponsors and randomly chosen winners of different prizes. They’ve even got an Instagram thing happening that bloggers can participate in from their own home.
Armchair BEA Instgram

Sponsors? Why, yes, there are some. Individual authors (including yours truly) are offering up print copies, autographed copies, and ebook editions of their novels, representing many genres. Publishers such as Macmillan, Peachtree Press, Random House Canada, and Simon and Schuster Audio (and many, many others) are offering ebooks, audiobooks, and other prize packages.

For more information, go visit the website and see who’s sponsoring this year’s ABEA. You can also follow the Armchair Book Expo of America on twitter and Facebook.

It’s always fun to go to an Expo, but it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to meet a lot of brilliant, communicative book bloggers and authors without wondering if your pants make your backside look fat or if your feet will fall asleep in those new shoes you bought. Check it out and meet some new authors and bloggers.

May 28 – June 2

Summer Promotional!

TWCS Kindle Fire ad

And yes, Éire’s Captive Moon, Romantic Interludes, and An Unexpected Woman will be on this Kindle Fire! 🙂

Click the banner to go straight to the TWCS Bookshop. 🙂

Book Review – The Duke’s Undoing

The Duke's UndoingThe Duke’s Undoing by G.G. Vandagriff

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Found this on Goodreads (this is my best source of new books to read!) and picked it up because I love a witty Regency-era romance.

Things I liked about this story included a heroine who was engaged multiple times before she met Her Real Hero (the Duke of the title) and that struck a humorous chord in my psyche. The Duke, Peter (I’ll call him Peter because I like him, now), did not at first have much to recommend him, in my opinion, but he grew on me.

Reforming the Rake is a rather old cliché among romances, but I think Vandagriff did a playful job with her treatment of the theme.

There are bad guys (like scary bad), eccentric relatives (and their pets! Henry Five is my favorite!), and even a dead fiancé involved in the plot. It was a romp of a story, I found myself liking pretty much everyone I was supposed to and wanting to shake His Grace Our Hero and Our Miss Uniquely Beautiful Heroine for their idiocy on occasion, but that is rather par for the course.

If you choose to read this story, bear with the initial chapters and pay attention to them. Though Vandagriff does weave about a little in her introductions, there is a method to it. I do think she tried rather too hard to weave in “Regency Romance Phrasing” here and there, but as a longtime fan of the genre, I smiled fondly and continued. The subject of physical passion was touched on more frequently than is the norm in this genre, but nothing terribly untoward actually happened. It was, however, thought of. One cannot blame an acknowledged Rake for thinking…can one? 🙂

Rating a 3.75, rounded to a 4.

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