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With Cereal

A quick update on Life from Where I’m Sitting. Since my laptop went all Gray Screen on me, I’m social-media-fail with everyone still. Hoping to get back to a regular presence sometime […]

Liebster Award

Ich danke Ihnen. I was gratified and surprised to be selected for a Liebster Award from author and musician Olivia Slocum. See that URL? How can one resist a claymore and surcoat? Click […]

June – A Ramble

This is a ramble. That means there’s not a lot of focus, here, but rather a walk under some trees while I ramble about what’s in my head today. There may be […]

My Late Forties

Today, I enter my late forties. I’m good with this. Never having been one of those people who will celebrate the “anniversary of her 29th birthday,” I am content to carry my […]

Palmetto's Desk

Where I go to read and write in the shade of the palmetto trees

Ramblings of English

these fragments I have shored against my ruins

A Wondrous Bookshelf

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The Riparian Times

The Riparian Times is a boutique publication with musings about life, travel, fashion and art.

Who Said What


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The Retro Mom

Bringing your grandmother's comfort food out of her recipe box and into your gluten-free life!

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One Writer's Way

Historical/Paranormal/YA Fantasy Romance. Gardening with a focus on herbs, heirloom plants, and country life.