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I enjoy looking back on prior seasons as I get ready to raid for this second half of the fourth season. Today, I’m checking out Season Three and it’s hard to find my favorite episode as I look over the discussions Lissa Bryan and I had about that season.

Once again, I have to go with the Season Finale, I think, as a favorite episode. I can’t bring myself to choose the Death of Athelstan episode, though it was hugely impacting for me—so sad to see him go!—so I will go with the finale.

Lissa and I found it to be a roller coaster of an episode!  Had Ragnar truly become a Christian or not, was one debate during the episode. There was also the collusion with Björn as to how the end would play out (nicely done, History Channel!), and then there was  the (I hope you’ve seen the season already!) supposed death of Ragnar.

Brilliantly done!

So that’s my favorite for Season Three!

no-ship-logoIf you’re gearing up for the new season and are interested in hearing podcasts about the former ones, please check out No Ship Network on iTunes! The crew does a fantastic recap of each episode and it’s well worth your time.

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