I am thankful for . . . VIKINGS

Sorry for not being here yesterday. It was a day in which I typed nothing. All better now, though. 🙂

vikings_episode5_stern lagertha

All images from VIKINGS are the property of History Channel and are used solely for illustrative purposes.

I am continuing my Favorite Episodes of History Channel’s VIKINGS show leading up to the continuation of  Season Four, which begins next week! Lissa Bryan and I will be back on Twitter with our running commentary and I look forward to having many of YOU join us if you can!

Today is Thanksgiving here in the States, and we give thanks for many things. One thing I give thanks for, sincerely, is this show. Not only has it been an amazing adventure so far, but I have met people I wouldn’t have otherwise, and had the opportunity to learn many new things.

So today, if you’re in a thankful mood as well, check out Season Two’s Finale: The Lord’s Prayer. And if you’ve got the series on DVD, watch it again.

And if you’re looking for more Vikings, check out my Éire’s Viking Trilogy. 🙂 Taking place in the 9th Century, this story tells of Norse raiders who raided—and then settled in—Éire.

Eires Viking books P header.png