One More Week ’til VIKINGS returns

Heillir, warriors and shieldmaidens, pilgrims and nobility. History Channel’s epic show, VIKINGS, returns next Wednesday at 9p. Eastern/8p. Central.

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As a warm up before we find ourselves in Kattegat, possibly embroiled in succession issues—or on a longship with Floki bound for the Mediterranean—I thought I’d share some of the commentary/discussion posts author Lissa Bryan and I have done over the years.

Yes, years! Imagine!

Lissa Bryan has a new novel out but she and I will be back to live-tweeting each episode of the season (as far as I know!) once it commences.

One of my favorite episodes from VIKINGS in its first season back in 2013 was Episode 2: Wrath of the Northmen.

146a6-lissa-bryanThe link to the discussion Lissa and I had on this episode is HERE. You might check it out, if only to find out what Lissa and I mean when we reference the Boot Sole File, as we do often over the years. 😉

If you have not found yourself immersed in all things VIKINGS, then please consider using this episode (or even the first one!) as a good starting place. I have, here on this website, all the commentary from each episode for all the seasons to date, as Lissa and I have been very diligent in our observations.

no-ship-logoI also encourage you to check out the preview podcast Lissa and I did with Em and Steve of the No Ship Network. We dove into history, writing, Vikings, and even George Washington.

I am so serious!

Questions? Comments? Speculations? Your favorite episode? Let me know!

Tomorrow: my favorite episode from Season Two!