Book Review: Hidden in Mist

Hidden in MistHidden in Mist by Penina Keen Spinka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been a fan of Penina’s Norse/Native American series since I first got the opportunity to read Picture Maker

Picture Maker by Penina Keen Spinka

many years ago. Her attention to the details not only of the daily lives in the different cultures, but also the particulars of their belief systems is well-presented, making the stories much more rich for the reader.

In Hidden in Mist, we get to read the culmination of the life stories of Picture Maker’s daughter and stepson – who is Ole Red Hair. We also step right into history to watch the horrific tribal wars of the Longhouse People and others, as well as the Great Peace brought by Deganawida. Legends are addressed in this series and embraced as history, giving us faces and depth to people only heard about.

There is warfare in this book, as there are movements for peace. There is romance, but not of the conventional “love story” variety. This is a book for those who enjoy the cultural history of the Native Americans and the Norse. I heartily recommend the entire series, of which this book is the last.

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