What does the SEER see on Vikings?


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The Shieldmaidens of History (Protecting the Innocent from Anachronisms) welcome you back to our series on the History Channel show Vikings. 

47eeb-lissabryan2Historical fiction author Lissa Bryan is with me again to discuss the historical aspects of the show. Lissa has written a fantastic historical fiction story of her own, and she is an amazing historian and storyteller. (You can read my review of her Tudor love story, Under These Restless Skies here on my site.)


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Heillir! We—Lissa Bryan and Sandi Layne—are two historical fiction authors with a serious thing for Vikings. And for VIKINGS, the amazing series that is going to begin its fourth season on HISTORY CHANNEL.


We are SO excited! So, Warriors and Shieldmaidens all, get your weapons and armor ready, because it’s going to be an amazing season!


A disfigured figure shrouded as much in mystery as his own robes, The Seer—played with great portent by John Kavanaugh—lingers along the edges of the village of Kattegat as well as the seasons themselves.

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But, his words carry weight that spans the years in which the show takes place as well as the number of seasons we enjoy it on History Channel. He is devoted to the gods and the old ways as he lives in the rather oddly betokened dwelling he claims in Kattegat.

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Disturbed often by even his own visions, he might communicate them in terms that can be divergently interpreted.


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The Seer doesn’t seem to possess loyalty for any particular person. He Sees for whomever asks, even if it is unpleasant.

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I wonder how he will interpret the events in Paris? And what new words will he have for supplicants this season?


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What are your thoughts? Join Lissa Bryan and me, Sandi, tonight as we chat at 8PM EST on Twitter about the Seer and what his predictions might mean for the series. Use the hashtag #ShieldGeeks to join in the fun!

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  1. Angelyn · February 8, 2016

    The Seer’s visions are hard for me to follow. Personally, I’d avoid him if I lived in the village.

    • Sandi · February 8, 2016

      You and me, both! He gives me the creeps and visions are so subjective!

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