A Hidden Identity. . .

Wow, it’s December! Not sure when that happened. It’s been busy around here, that’s for sure! Today is my youngest’s fourteenth birthday, which is cool, but it brings home to me that he’ll be starting his high school career in the upcoming year. That’s kind of awesome. My older son will be getting a degree in graphic arts in 2016, all things being equal.

And I should be coming out with a new book. Shocking, I know. Here’s another peek at my upcoming historical fiction.

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“Tell me.” Muscles straining and flexing over his bones, Ruádhán ground the demand between clenched teeth. “Charis. Tell me.”

“Come.” With only a slight furrow on her smooth brow to illustrate her concern, the only mother he had ever known led him away, through the silent throng of villagers and visiting guests.

Behind him, though, he heard the whispers.

“Really? The usurper’s son?”

“Didn’t Ide marry him, all those summers past?”

“I remember her; her hair was like his. Just like. Why didn’t I see that before?”

“Tuirgeis’s son? The invader’s son? But he’s one of us!”

Ruádhán couldn’t seem to see beyond a tunnel of shadow that surrounded him. The only other living being, aside from Charis, he could see or hear was Mac Tire. The hound bounded up to him, licking almost frantically at Ruádhán’s clenched fist.

“Tell me,” he demanded again.

“When we get outside the walls, I’ll tell you, and not before.”

I am building a Pinterest board for this book. You can check it out, if you want. It’s here.

If you or someone you know is into Vikings, historical fiction, Ireland, romances, sword fights . . . all that fun stuff, consider adding the Éire’s Viking Trilogy to your reading and/or gift lists this holiday season!