Éire’s Devil King – The BLOG TOUR

It’s happening!

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The Éire’s Viking Trilogy is finished and the final book, Éire’s Devil King, will be available next week on April 2nd! There’s a tour happening over the next two weeks to share this book and the trilogy with folks, along with some interviews (someone has interviewed Tuirgeis!) and guest posts (surprising Viking facts is only one!). My publisher, The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House, is even hosting a giveaway, that will include not only paperbacks from this trilogy but also other upcoming titles from TWCS.

Here’s the order of events, as I have it from TWCS:


26th March

http://jessmollybrownauthor.com – Character Interview/ Review
http://sarityahalomi.blogspot.com/ – Promo Post

27th March

http://cheekypeereadsandreviews.blogspot.co.uk/ – Promo Post

30th March

http://nerdgirlofficial.com/ – Promo Post

31st March

www.TMFranklin.com – Guest Post
www.lisabilbrey.blogspot.com – Promo Post
shortsweetandsnappy.wordpress.com – Promo Post

1st April

http://myreadinglounge.blogspot.com – Guest Post

2nd April

http://www.firstpagetothelast.com/ – Review
Authorbrookewilliams.com/blog – Promo Post
www.sarahaisling.comGuest Post & Review

6th April

lissabryan.com – Guest Post
http://www.bookwormbrandee.blogspot.com – Review
http://www.warrencbennett.net – Interview

7th April

http://www.rehargrave.com/ – Promo Post
http://elizabeth-lawrence-author.blogspot.com/ – Guest Post

8th April

http://pagesbetween.blogspot.com – Guest Post/Review

http://itlnbrt.com – Promo

As each post happens with my hosts, I’ll include the direct link to the EDK post for your convenience. You can go to the different blogs to enter the giveaway!


There’s a SALE happening for the first book in the trilogy, Éire’s Captive Moon.  Click on the banner to find ECM for only 99¢!


So if you’re someone who prefers to read a trilogy when all the books are available, to avoid year-long (or longer!) waits, now’s a good time to come to 9th Century Éire with me. Meet Charis the Healer, Cowan the Christian Prince, Agnarr the Viking, and Tuirgeis, the man who would be High King of Ireland.


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      Thank you, Wyndy! So cool to have it done and looking so awesome. 🙂

  2. Jack Flacco · March 26, 2015

    The artwork, the books, the series–it all looks so amazing, Sandy. Congratulations! I wish you all the best with your new title!

    • Sandi · March 27, 2015

      Thank you, Jack! It’s been quite the adventure, for sure. 🙂 But so much fun!

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