Favorite Episode – Season 2 #VIKINGS

vikings_season2_episode10welcoming royaltyTomorrow night is the night! Prepare for the invasion, because VIKINGS are back in Season 3!

Season 2 is actually available to view online right now at http://www.history.com/vikings and if you haven’t seen it? You really should. Engage in binge-watching if you have time, or at least check out the recaps.

And then go see the season finale: The Lord’s Prayer.

vikings_season2_episode10 PrayingAnd THEN read the discussion Lissa Bryan and I had about it. You might even enjoy listening to the podcast for this episode over on iTunes. Just look for NoShip Network podcast and then find Vikings Season 2: The Lord’s Prayer. The crew at NoShip Network really do their homework and have great discussions. Warning: This is an adult show. As VIKINGS is rated at TV-14, this podcast is rated as Explicit. Grownups only, okay?

This episode, for me, is amazing in that the crew at VIKINGS really made it the Big Reveal episode. I was played all season. So was Lissa. And we were both in AWE of the orchestrations that happened behind the scenes to make it work so well.

When involved in any kind of creative endeavor, having an eye on the outcome is (in my opinion) crucial. It was clear in the season finale that the writer of the show, Michael Hirst and whomsoever he tag-teams, had a perfect idea of how they wanted the last episode to play out. The whole season’s actions and secrets played into the audience’s interpretations of how the finale was viewed, I think.

It was brilliant.

Eires-Viking-3D-PaperbackWhen I wrote the first book of my Viking trilogy, I knew the end I was going for, the suspense I hoped to create to get there, and all that that would entail. To reach that end, I began construction for it from the first chapter and kept the tension throughout. When I wrote the second, I had definite plans for my hero, and I had to make sure that each step of his journey would get him to where I needed him to be by story’s end. The challenge and delight of creation was making sure it happened the way I’d envisioned it.

I sure hope that the VIKINGS people have as much fun in their work as I do in mine!

Tomorrow: A quick preview of Season 3, based upon what one can find online.