The Tragedy of the Morris Girls

I had a secret project that I worked on this past autumn. I had to swear my editor (Kathie Spitz) and cover artist (Dawn at BookGraphics.net) to secrecy as well, since the project was a book written expressly for my mother-in-law for Christmas.

Yep, I wrote her a book for Christmas. Okay, so it was a short story, actually, amounting to forty pages in a printed hardcover edition, complete with dust jacket.

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Passed down through the generations, the story of The Morris Girls has been deemed a tragedy—they were the last victims of Indian treachery in West Virginia—and memorialized on a monument in Nicholas County, WV.

But were they really? Or were they the victims of a treachery far more insidious that day in May, 1792?

Join Peggy and Betsy’s uncle, Benjamin Morris, as he attempts to get to the heart of the matter—and as he seeks vengeance for his nieces.

This story is family history, and I had to get it just right. I didn’t want to change the details as I was told them; I merely wanted to flesh them out.

The story is not available for public sale—I did a private printing through LuLu.com and was very pleased with the quality of the final product. The cover is lurid, but so is the story. It fits. But if this is something you might be interested in, drop me a line. I can order some copies to autograph and mail if you’d like, and for a limited time, I can do that for cost plus shipping to you.

I am looking at writing another book set in the 18th Century, too, but on the other end of the century. The research for that one is still happening. 😉

Reminder: For those who are into history and historical fiction, my publisher is hosting a cover reveal and blog tour for the final book in my Éire’s Viking trilogy: Éire’s Devil King. Details here on my site.

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    • Hey, hon! I just placed an order (the response to this has surprised me – in a good way!) and I can let you know the particulars when I get them back. Thank you! 🙂 Might be a week or two – I, er, went for the bargain shipping option… lol