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I finished the first draft of a book called Captive Irish Moon in July of 2004, just before packing up the computer to move across the country. More than ten years ago, I had ideas, maybe, that Charis would be further involved in the history of her beloved Éire, but I hadn’t even started thinking about writing the rest of the books that would encompass what is now the Éire’s Viking Trilogy.

The trilogy is comprised of the first book finished more than ten years ago but now titled (as of 2013) Éire’s Captive Moon, the second book published in 2014, Éire’s Viking, and now the final book is getting ready to be released in April of 2015.

Éire’s Devil King

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A man of ability and ambition, Tuirgeis has nurtured the desire to carve a place of leadership for himself on the Green Island, Éire, that he has raided multiple times. After the death of his wife, he takes his surviving son to Éire and comes to learn that there is more to claiming a kingship than merely overpowering the locals.

While he is attracted to an Éire-woman for his new wife, Tuirgeis seeks to find ways to not only settle in this new land but also to learn to live with the people there, not just overthrow them.

Having connections with his adopted brother, Cowan, and Agnarr, his former countryman, Tuirgeis feels he has the support he needs to make his claims strong. What he wants is a local woman to give him a son of Éire.

Bloodthirsty tyrant? Overly ambitious leader? Prideful warrior? The histories tell one tale of Tuirgeis, acknowledged usurper and High King of Ireland; I am telling another.

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My publisher, The Writer’s Coffee Shop, is hosting a cover reveal to take place on January 29, 2015, as well as organizing a blog tour for this final book of the trilogy. If you read historical fiction, like Vikings, are into Early Medieval Ireland, or are just a blogger who is interested in helping out, it would be fantastic if you’d like to sign up to participate in the events leading up to the release of this book. I’m up for answering questions, giving “character interviews”, or something else if you’ve got some ideas. 🙂

Interested? Know someone who might be? Sign up here.
More information about these titles can be found here on my website.
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