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WPRT cover brookeBlurb:

Wrong Place, Right Time is a humorous, light romance about TV traffic reporter, Kate Covington. After admitting she is in love with her best friend, Brian, Kate barges into a Las Vegas wedding chapel to stop him from getting married. When the bride storms out, Kate sees that she interrupted the wrong wedding. The groom, Chad Leida, who needs to marry before turning 30 in order to inherit his family fortune, has an intriguing offer for Kate. Marry him and spend a year as his wife for a million dollars. Kate, who is greatly in debt and believes her friend has already married so she considers the offer.

Once Kate makes her spontaneous decision, her life is on the fast track and the real adventure begins. Caught between two men, she begins to realize that though she turned up in the Wrong Place, she might have arrived just at the Right Time.


It is really hard to find out that someone you care for cares for someone else. Kate has to confront this head-on and she does so in what is a most drastic way: endeavoring to interrupt a wedding.

That she succeeds in interrupting the wrong wedding is the impetus behind this short story.

I have to give Our Heroine props for courage and enthusiasm as she embarks upon this adventure. She is brave enough to pursue the man she loves, then is gutsy enough listen to a quick proposition from a man who seems like the answer to a much different problem – and she’s willing to go along with it, showing a public smile to cover her private concerns and nerves.

Twists abound, however, even after Kate ties the knot (in Vegas!) with Our Hero, the wealthy Chad Leida. He kind of drags her from pillar to post, not always telling her what’s happening as the news of their marriage hits the media. This was irksome. He does, though, settle down to a sincere sort of fellow and Kate can’t help but find herself responding.

Which is all we need for a sweet “compelled romance” short story, right? But wait, there’s more!

And…I can’t really tell you what that more is without spoiling all the twists that author Brooke Williams has prepared for you. Sorry!

What I can say is this: I think that this story deserved more air time than it got, here. We get a glance at a romance in the making with Kate and Chad, a glance at a relationship that might have been with Kate’s original love-object, Brian, and glimpses of some interesting secondary characters (like the in-laws!). Kate had a lot to do in this story and, as Chad does in the story itself, she drags us back and forth as she hits all the major plot points.

What is satisfying is that Brooke Williams doesn’t leave us with a predictable story. She lets Kate explore the workings of her heart, and lets her experience highs and lows as consequences of her choices. We also have characters who aren’t perfect – and I really appreciate imperfect people as protagonists. So I’m grateful to the author for giving them to us in this Cinderella-interrupted tale.

If you’re looking for a sweet story this holiday season, an eStocking Stuffer perhaps, this does fit the bill. And perhaps you, like me, will want to read more of the author’s work to follow her active imagination in a longer format!

Wrong Place, Right Time is available in the following electronic formats:

Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and of course from The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House.

Author Bio:

bwilliamsBrooke Williams is an award-winning author and freelance writer. She has written hundreds of articles as well as several novels, including Someone Always Loved You and Beyond the Bars. Brooke has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morningside College, with a double major in Mass Communications and Religious Studies. She has twelve years of experience in radio broadcasting, both behind the scenes and on-air. She was also a television traffic reporter for a brief time. Brooke and her husband Sean married in 2002 and have two daughters, Kaelyn and Sadie.


  1. Brooke williams · December 13, 2014

    Thanks so much for having me on your blog! What an eloquent review!!

    • Sandi · December 13, 2014

      You’re welcome, Brooke! 🙂 Tell me! Which of your full-length works would be most like this short story in terms of tone and all?

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  3. Jack Flacco · December 14, 2014

    What a great plot. Love the whole idea, and the cover and title are perfect. Sounds fun!

    • Sandi · December 16, 2014

      It’s a sweet story, Jack. 🙂 The cover is ideal. lol

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