Summer Giveaway!


It may be back to school time for my household, but it’s vacation season for most, and I’m having a giveaway to celebrate.

Tuesday Cover trial twoNot only to celebrate that, but to share my Kindled edition of my own Summer’s Music and the almost-anniversary of my title An Unexpected Woman which was published last July by TWCS.

So I’m having a giveaway that will last for just a few days and here’s what’s on offer: 

Justin's Second Cover***A paperback copy of Justin’s Second Chance, a short story. Originally published in the Romantic Interludes anthology, it was offered as a solo e-Book this year and I’ve got ONE copy in print that I can give away! Continental US only, but I will personalize and sign it for the winner.

***A Kindle copy of any one of my books that are available in that format. These titles also include the following:

ECM-3D-Paperback-eReaderAUW-3D-Paperback-eReader small



(If you do not have a Kindle, I will substitute that with one of my titles available from another source.)

To enter, click here for the Rafflecopter!

Click here to enter!

Click here to enter!


This giveaway will end on 7/7/14 (I am so mathematical!) so tell a friend! 🙂



  1. Kathie · July 6, 2014

    ENTERED and shared! GAH! I WANT IT!!!! lol

    • Sandi · July 6, 2014

      You’re the best. You really are. I must say that to you all the time, but it’s ALWAYS true.

  2. Cynthia · July 6, 2014


    • Sandi · July 6, 2014

      Thank you!

  3. Cynthia · July 6, 2014

    YES! I take books with me EVERYWHERE, especially now that I have the Kindle app on my phone!!

    • Sandi · July 6, 2014

      Isn’t that GREAT? When my Kindle got broken, I immediately downloaded the app. I was attached at the fingers. lol

  4. Christy · July 6, 2014

    Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

    • Sandi · July 6, 2014

      Thanks for entering! 🙂

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