Vikings Returns!

Last year, my friend Lissa Bryan and I had a terrific time watching History Channel’s VIKINGS series. We took great pleasure in discussing it the next morning and sharing our conversations with you on our respective sites.

Well, we’re back.

Click here to go to History Channel's VIKING page. All images from the show are taken for illustrative purposes only.

Click here to go to History Channel’s VIKING page. All images from the show are taken for illustrative purposes only.

Tonight, VIKINGS, Season 2 begins and once again Lissa and I will be watching and commenting and posting. We invite you to join us tonight as we live-tweet during the premier episode at 10:00 p.m. Eastern/9:00 Central.

Lissa is @LissaBryan and I am @sandyquill.

Want to look back to some of our discussions last year? Here are the links to them:

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7Episode 8, Finale!

And here is a Season Two trailer!


  1. jmollytwilight · February 27, 2014

    Aargh! I still haven’t had time to catch up with the last couple of episodes! And I loved your live-tweets so I’m going to have to catch up soon!!!

    • Sandi · February 27, 2014

      Oh wow. Yes, catch up, catch up! lol Those last two episodes are, naturally, important. 😉

      • jmollytwilight · March 4, 2014

        Fun in Canada: last year, I watched ‘Vikings’ online on but now it’s restricted viewing. So I went to my Rogers because we do subscribe to History Channel, and couldn’t sign in. 4 hours of digging later, I found out my eldest had made himself an account on Rogers Anyplace and I couldn’t make a second account because it’s one per household. So I booted the poor guy off and took the account back. Then, I didn’t have time to watch an episode. Grr!! I will catch up. I will.

        • Sandi · March 5, 2014

          Ack! How frustrating! Well, I hope you catch up. 🙂 Lissa and I will be back at it this week. 😀

  2. Jack Flacco · March 2, 2014

    I have yet to watch this series–then again–I haven’t had much time to watch anything other than The Walking Dead. But that’s another point entirely for another comment or post! I’ve placed this on my to-watch list, adding to my growing number of shows I have yet to watch once next fall comes along and I get more time on my hands!

    • Sandi · March 4, 2014

      Well, Walking Dead is kinda your thing, eh? 🙂

      Vikings is well worth watching, IMO. History Channel has done a good job with the details and that impresses me. 🙂 Yeah…I’m such a nerd.

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