Songs and Sunshine


It is a gorgeous day here on my hill. The skies are clear and blue and I drove with the window down, playing Billy Joel. Yes, yes I did. Don’t judge. 😉

Have you heard his song, The Entertainer?

And though the quality is a bit rough in this video, I chose it because it was made back when Joel wrote the songs, so there is less (to my mind) of an edge.

I listened to this and thought: You know? Writing is hard work. Being an author in this day and age is hard work. There’s so much involved and everything. But it is, to my way of thinking, easier than it would be to be “an entertainer” as Joel sketches out in this song.

I like the song – some of it resonates with me – but there’re a lot of undercurrents in it that make it worth a second hearing. Or third.

Love Billy Joel’s work or not, the man has a way (in my opinion) of putting things to music that can catch a body in different ways. This is one of those songs.

Someday? I hope I can write things that make people stop and go back and re-read them, just to sift through what I’ve said again. Because they feel they want/need/have to, so they do.

Do you have a song that makes you think about what you do, in terms of your profession? For better or for worse?


  1. Jack Flacco · February 27, 2014

    I love Billy Joel! My Life is one of my favorite songs. I remember when that came out and how I used to sing it on my way home from school. It’s such a great song. And I love Honesty, too. Man, now you’re taking me back!

    • Sandi · February 28, 2014

      That was the goal. 🙂

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