Rein It In

On my site before, I have discussed my need for an outline as I write. I want the pattern of the story in front of me so I can work on it in an orderly manner.

writer_at_workI realize this might not sound awesome or exciting, but sometimes, the work of writing a novel is WORK. I love it, but yeah.

This morning, I am deviating from the already established outline of the novel on which I am working. I had it all mapped out—on an actual map—and everything, but then… Then, when I wanted to introduce a certain element (that will come into play later in the story) I introduced two. One of them taking me a bit by surprise. Because though it was not something I had intended to explore, I find I am at least going to taste this odd element in this story.

Just for a moment.

Because if I go deep? I will derail the progress of the overall arc of this book. It would be an interesting sidelight, but not a point of story progression. So, I have to rein myself in and keep the moment of exploration brief.

Recently, my friend Warren Bennett interviewed me as part of my Blog Tour, Part Deux for Éire’s Viking. He asked me if I thought writing was easy or hard. You can click on over to see how I answered. But I’ll bet that you, faithful readers, already know my answer.


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  1. Jack Flacco · February 16, 2014

    Great knowing you’re a plotter. I didn’t know that! And you’re right, it is a lot of work to outline your book the way you did. It’s those odd elements that can really throw you for a curve ball. Good thing you know how to reign it in!

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