Review ~ Eire’s Viking by Sandi Layne

Brand new 5-star review from a member of TEAM AGNARR. 🙂 Thanks, Jennifer!

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Éire's Viking (Éire's Viking, #2)Éire’s Viking by Sandi Layne

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First let me say, TEAM AGNARR! This went in a direction I did not expect but am very happy about. 🙂 Yes, very happy. The second book in the trilogy was the big romance book. Agnarr, The Viking, did some crazy barbarian, unforgivable things. This was about him finding redemption and love. Along the way, we learn more about those Viking times and all about the people and where and how they lived. I find it so interesting and exciting the way Sandi tells this amazing story with so much history and makes it so interesting. I’ve been waiting for this book for, what seems like, a long time. And it didn’t disappoint. The adventure and cat and mouse make it exciting, but I also found some mystical parts in it as well. I remember Cowan speaking about Aislinn’s…

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    Good to see good things come to you, Sandi! You deserve every accolade!

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      Well, thank you, sir. 🙂 I have great readers. 🙂

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