12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Interested in having 12 shots at winning up to 12 Amazon Gift Cards?

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Forget for the moment that the 12 Days of Christmas is supposed to begin on December 25th. For the purposes of this giveaway, we’re doing it early so that you can have something to spend before the Big Day.

The Author to Author 12 Days of Christmas is taking place on Facebook. Each day, one of us will be doing something for “our” day of the classic song and, by following the rules, those who want to enter the giveaway can do so on that author’s Facebook page. Every day, someone will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Here’s a full schedule of the participating authors:

December 14th Second Day of Christmas ~ Two Turtledoves
December 15th Third Day of Christmas ~ Three French Hens

December 16th  Fourth Day of Christmas ~ Four Calling Birds

Author: T.M. Franklin AND Angel Lawson

December 17th Fifth Day of Christmas ~ Five Golden Rings

Author: Lindsey Gray

December 18th Sixth Day of Christmas ~ Six Geese a-laying

Author: Sherri Hayes

December 19th Seventh Day of Christmas ~ Seven Swans a-swimming

Author: Sandi Layne

December 20th Eighth Day of Christmas ~ Eight Maids a-milking

Author: L.V. Lewis

December 21st Ninth Day of Christmas ~ Nine Ladies Dancing

Author: April Emerson

December 22nd Tenth Day of Christmas ~ Ten Lords a-leaping
Author: Lorenz Font
December 23rd Eleventh Day of Christmas ~ Eleven Pipers piping
Author: Lissa Bryan
December 24th Twelfth Day of Christmas ~ Twelve Drummers drumming
Author: Sydney Logan

For details, check out my Facebook “fan” page.

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