Sunday Sneak Peek – Lindsey Gray


Today’s sneak peek is of the holiday short story, Not the Same Season by Lindsey Gray.

Coming November 19th from The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House!

0be02-not_the_same_season_hi-res_coverTwo broken hearts embarked on a holiday season in a way they never had before. Divorced.

Mitch had been badly burned by love, but was willing to take a chance . . . with the right woman.

Hannah had lived everyday with the grief love had brought her and followed her everywhere.

Can two hearts find love and heal each other during the most difficult season of the year?

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Austin and Mitch stood back as Amelia took Lana and Colin up to sit on Santa’s lap.

“Makes you think.” Austin smiled and crossed his arms at his chest.

“Think what?”

“Maybe giving up the no kids embargo since you ditched the toothpick.”

They both chuckled. “I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Aha. Things going well with Miss New York?” Austin poked him in the ribs.

“We’ve been texting. Such a weird thing to do. I feel like I’m in high school passing notes in class.” He shook his head with a laugh.

“Speaking of high school, don’t look now.” Of course he looked. “Becky! Hi. How are you?”

Mitch’s eyes went wide as he saw that seventeen years had not been so kind to his high school girlfriend, Becky. She had gained several pounds and several children, including the one attached to her hip.

“Austin. Mitch, is that you? Oh my God, I thought he was pulling one over on all of us. You’re really back.”

“I’m really back.” Mitch smiled and raised his hands up in front of him in mock surrender.

“Well, give me a hug.” Becky pulled him in tight, which brought the child with her. Her son didn’t seem too happy to be smushed into some strange man’s chest, and he showed his dissatisfaction as he spewed his dinner all over Mitch’s shoulder.

Mitch jumped back as if he had been burned by the fires of Hell.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry.” She turned to her son. “Buck, are you okay?” The child began to wail, disrupting the tranquil atmosphere of the evening.

Hannah ran over to see what the disturbance was. She came face to face with the vomit-covered man of her dreams.

“Well, Mr. Turner. What have you gotten yourself into this time?” Hannah bit down on her lip in an attempt to contain her laughter and shock.

“Oh, Hannah. Buck just upchucked. Can you help Mitch get cleaned up?” A mortified Becky rocked Buck back and forth in her arms, his little teeth protruding past his lower lip.

“Sure. Come with me.” Hannah offered her hand.

“Always.” Mitch tossed his jacket to Austin then laced his fingers through hers. They made their way through the winter wonderland into a back room.

Author Bio

Lindsey Gray dreamed of being several different things as a child such as a doctor, an actress, and a chef, but none held her attention like putting pen to paper and creating her own world through words. Those words led her to The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House and the rest, as they say, is history. She has written three full-length novels through The Writer’s Coffee Shop and she has no plans to slow her creations down any time soon. A mid-west native, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, reading on her new e-reader, and making life interesting at each and every turn.  

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