Reisterstown Cemetery

cemetery copy

Agéd cemetery.

New grass, dew-drenched,

Marble, cracked and fallen.

Limestone saves years, but not forever.

Time’s hand brushes away details,

Age hides Time, surrounded by wrought iron.

Death inhabits the forgotten spaces

Vacated by Memory.


~ ~

Written on a cloudy July morning,

waiting for the library to open.

~Sandi Layne


  1. Jack Flacco · July 10, 2013

    I enjoyed this completely. “Time’s hand brushes away details” is such a deep line indicating age in a very slow and meaningful way. Nicely done!

    • Sandi · July 10, 2013

      Thank you, Jack. Despite being next to a library and high school, this feels like kind of a lonely, forgotten place. I just felt like I had to put down some words, you know?

      • Kathy Aspden · August 26, 2013

        Sandi, this cemetery is hardly forgotten, although on a rainy weekday, almost any cemetery can look solemn. This cemetery has many eyes and working hands on it, especially lately. Unlike forgotten burial grounds, Reisterstown Community Cemetery is mowed frequently, has flowers planted at its center memorial, and is at the center of a major community effort currently to restore the surrounding brick wall. The “Save the Reisterstown Cemetery” Committee is its long-standing guardian and advocate. Many of this town’s activities, through the Reisterstown Community Association, benefit the cemetery’s preservation. This non-sectarian cemetery was founded in the eighteenth century for the use of the whole community, and contains many military war veterans (Revolutionary War through WWI). There have been several recent news articles about the cemetery in the Community Times, which you might like to read. Thanks for bringing attention to this historic landmark, of which we are very proud.

        • Sandi · August 26, 2013

          Thank you! I am relatively newly-come to the area and am not familiar with the local landmarks. Thanks for the information!

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