First World Problems

Well. For those of you who don’t know, I am currently operating under a technological handicap, of sorts. At least, for me.

My laptop died. It wasn’t an old one, but it had been having technical issues for over a year and I wasn’t entirely surprised. Thankfully, I backed up my work the week before and had printed out my current WIP (Work in Progress) to its furthest point before the Gray Screen of Doom took over.

Of course, that it happened NOW has been difficult.

My younger son is in a time of transition, having just finished Elementary School and not yet having a Middle School placement. This makes things anxious for him.

We had a family vacation/reunion in West Virginia, and I couldn’t take my work with me. Yes, I had to write LONGHAND. I reminded myself that Little Women and Pride and Prejudice were written longhand, so I could do it. But I’m not used to it!

And I am without the bookmarks and other sundries (including my keychain and its attendant passwords) which has made reconnecting with all y’all a bit squiffy. And this at a time when I am participating in blog tours and cover reveals for other authors as well as a blog tour of my own.

Did I mention I’m trying to write a novel? lol

ANYWAY. Please forgive me and my out-of-touch-ness. I’m timesharing the house’s desktop computer with Son the Younger, aka MSG (Medium-Sized Guy), and I have a harder time keeping on top of things.

Thanks for listening. Reading. Yes.

To reward you, here are some pictures from West Virginia:

David and Dan on boat

My sons on a Paddleboat Cruise on the Kanawha River, Charleston, WV


I call this Synchronized Photography.

NewRiver Bridge 1

Bridge over the New River Gorge. One of the ten highest/longest in the Western Hemisphere. I think.


My son David, the Spousal Unit and I – waiting for an outdoor theatre production of The Hatfields and McCoys to begin.

Yes, the man has attitude. Remember, he married me.

Alas, many of the rest of the images contain actual faces of actual people, some of whom are not my non-minor-children, so I shall refrain from posting them publicly.

Wait, there’s more!

My Kindle was knelt on by MSG, quite accidentally, so it is now non-functional. Our older flatscreen TV just perished yesterday, right in the middle of a BluRay viewing of Toy Story 3. AND! My wedding ring lost its solitaire and so for the first time in more than 20 years, I am ringless.

Like I said, First World Problems.

How about you?

Need a place to share YOUR first world problems that doesn’t have a 140-character limit? 

Leave ’em here. 🙂 Share!


  1. Pam Rice · June 29, 2013

    There was a post on my FB newsfeed recently about the advantages to longhand writing – not that it helps right now. Best wishes with getting things replaced or repaired and all fully functioning.

    • Sandi · June 29, 2013

      Ah, if you could link me up w/that via FB, that’d be cool. 🙂

      I had to learn a long time ago the difference between what I NEED and what I WANT. Thankfully, my needs are met. lol I can adjust.

  2. John W. Howell · June 29, 2013

    Nice photos. Good thing all was backed up. I had the same issue with a brand new laptop

    • Sandi · June 29, 2013

      Thank you!

      Ugh! Are laptops more prone to this, do you think?

  3. Jess Molly (aka jmolly) · June 30, 2013

    Aw, I know what it’s like when the laptop dies. Two years ago, mine died, taking the most recent version of my wip with it. It was under warranty but the store no longer carried parts. It took 10 weeks to repair and I’ll pray yours is back to you much sooner. Glad you’d backed it up recently. I now save my manuscripts to email, so that there’s always a copy available to me.

    I hope your ring was insured. Years ago, my daughter accidentally dumped my jewelry box and mine was lost. The house insurance covered it.

    Looks like a lovely holiday. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Sandi · July 2, 2013

      Ugh! So sorry that you lost that WIP. Totally dreadful.

      I’m actually considering investing in Carbonite – – an online computer backup service. We’ll see. lol I’ve tried using Dropbox, too, but I haven’t found that system to be entirely reliable.

      I don’t think the ring was insured per se. I’m thinking it was the fact that we hadn’t once in over 20 years had it tended to, to make sure there weren’t any weak points. I have the ring still, in a plastic bag, so we’ll get it fixed up soon. 🙂

      And thank you for reading. 🙂

      • Jess Molly (aka jmolly) · July 2, 2013

        Carbonite looks intriguing; I’ll have to consider it, too. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of Dropbox. It doesn’t seem to like allowing me to make comments on people’s docs, which isn’t fun when I’m editing. I’m still using GShare and hoping it’s secure.

        At least I only lost the most recent draft of my wip. I had backed the previous version up a couple of weeks before.

        If you have house insurance, it ought to cover your solitaire. Glad you have the band.

        Catch that silver lining! 🙂

  4. Janine Savage · June 30, 2013

    Sounds like you’ve had a time of it. LOL At least you look like you were having fun regardless of the little hiccups. 🙂

    • Sandi · July 2, 2013

      LOL Hey, Janine!

      Yeah…lots of fun. But most clouds have a scintillating lining and even if they don’t? Well, I have fun in a rollicking storm, too. 🙂

  5. Jack Flacco · June 30, 2013

    Holy smokes, Sandy, what a brutal time. I’m not sure if it’ll make you feel better, but I’ll relate the story of my parents where in a short span of a week their fridge, stove, washer, TV and car all died on them. Yes. In a week. Gone. It was the worst week in their lives. The moral? They had all the items replaced at a great expense, but nothing happened to them on a physical level. The car, for instance, could have died on them in the middle of the highway. Thank goodness my dad’s only problem was his inability to start the thing.

    Hang in there. Things eventually get replaced and you can carry on with life. The bright side? You didn’t lose your MS!

    • Sandi · July 2, 2013

      Hi, Jack!

      Oh yikes! That must have been such a hard time for your folks! Those are things that keep the house running. Wow.

      I am extremely thankful that we lost nothing we needed to keep our lives running. I mean, I’m inconvenienced but as you say, no one was hurt. 🙂

      AND I have my work intact. LOL One has to have priorities. 🙂

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