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An Unexpected Woman.

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With publication less than a month away, you have the opportunity to order a paperback of this light, Christian romance early.

One of my favourite things is when Mark and Shelley get cheeky with each other. Each knows how to keep the other from getting in a funk. And the flirting is awesome. There are some great romantic moments that are perfectly in keeping with godly conduct. – Jess Molly on Goodreads

All pre-orders will receive a personalized, signed bookplate and a gift:


Why a flashlight on a keychain? Because heroine SHELLEY ROBERTS believes in being prepared for every contingency!

Overall, this was a satisfying read. Much in the tone of a Karen Kingsbury novel, this book should appeal to those who love Christian romances. –Sandra for

Additionally, all pre-orders will be shipped out a week before publication, so you’ll get your copy EARLY. 🙂