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Armchair Book Expo of America

This week, there is a mega-event happening in New York: The Book Expo of America. But! Not everyone can get to NYC, right? So, there is an alternative for all of us who are ready for a dynamic alternative: The ARMCHAIR Book Expo of America.

Armchair BEAAs it is at the NYC event, there will be several stops over the course of the Armchair BEA. Themes for bloggers to discuss on particular days as if they were on panels. Participants are encouraged to visit the different book blogs and interact with the blogger – thus increasing traffic and bringing their own blog to the notice of others. Networking, internet style.

The themes for this year’s ABEA include:

  • The Classics
  • Blogger Development and Genre Fiction
  • Giveaways and Literature
  • Non-fiction
  • Keeping it Real and Children’s/YA Literature

There will be twitter parties and sponsors and randomly chosen winners of different prizes. They’ve even got an Instagram thing happening that bloggers can participate in from their own home.
Armchair BEA Instgram

Sponsors? Why, yes, there are some. Individual authors (including yours truly) are offering up print copies, autographed copies, and ebook editions of their novels, representing many genres. Publishers such as Macmillan, Peachtree Press, Random House Canada, and Simon and Schuster Audio (and many, many others) are offering ebooks, audiobooks, and other prize packages.

For more information, go visit the website and see who’s sponsoring this year’s ABEA. You can also follow the Armchair Book Expo of America on twitter and Facebook.

It’s always fun to go to an Expo, but it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to meet a lot of brilliant, communicative book bloggers and authors without wondering if your pants make your backside look fat or if your feet will fall asleep in those new shoes you bought. Check it out and meet some new authors and bloggers.

May 28 – June 2

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