Book Review – Miratorium

MiratoriumMiratorium by Michael Emery

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is extremely cool to be able to review a book I got to read while it was in development.

Miratorium is a science fiction/alien action adventure/finding himself/male bonding/spy thriller adventure kind of book. There may be an exact genre but I don’t know what it would be!

Involving portals only visible to certain lucky (and intoxicated) people, aliens who are out to destroy other species throughout space, aliens who protect and defend, humans who are in cahoots with these aliens, and inhabiting essences that pre-date The Host, this is a tale that starts out to read like one kind of story then changes in a blink to become an interstellar spy war.

It’s wild.

It’s highly involved.

And in the end, I’m terribly melancholy for Buford Cotton, Our Hero. Thank you, Mike, for finishing it (because I didn’t get to read all of it back in the day!) and for creating a bittersweet kind of ending for BC. I hope he finds hope and happiness. I would even read a sequel. 🙂

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