Book Review – The Duke’s Undoing

The Duke's UndoingThe Duke’s Undoing by G.G. Vandagriff

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Found this on Goodreads (this is my best source of new books to read!) and picked it up because I love a witty Regency-era romance.

Things I liked about this story included a heroine who was engaged multiple times before she met Her Real Hero (the Duke of the title) and that struck a humorous chord in my psyche. The Duke, Peter (I’ll call him Peter because I like him, now), did not at first have much to recommend him, in my opinion, but he grew on me.

Reforming the Rake is a rather old cliché among romances, but I think Vandagriff did a playful job with her treatment of the theme.

There are bad guys (like scary bad), eccentric relatives (and their pets! Henry Five is my favorite!), and even a dead fiancé involved in the plot. It was a romp of a story, I found myself liking pretty much everyone I was supposed to and wanting to shake His Grace Our Hero and Our Miss Uniquely Beautiful Heroine for their idiocy on occasion, but that is rather par for the course.

If you choose to read this story, bear with the initial chapters and pay attention to them. Though Vandagriff does weave about a little in her introductions, there is a method to it. I do think she tried rather too hard to weave in “Regency Romance Phrasing” here and there, but as a longtime fan of the genre, I smiled fondly and continued. The subject of physical passion was touched on more frequently than is the norm in this genre, but nothing terribly untoward actually happened. It was, however, thought of. One cannot blame an acknowledged Rake for thinking…can one? 🙂

Rating a 3.75, rounded to a 4.

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