Hard Won

Sometimes, the words don’t come easily.  They are tugged, syllable by syllable, from a morass of understanding.  Don’t give up when this happens. Just don’t. Keep pulling at those words, keep dragging them out and lining them up to make coherent sentences. Keep at it.

One of two things will happen and both of them are good. 

  • You will find the words slide out more quickly after a few lines, the flow will be smooth, the descriptors portrait-perfect. or…
  • You will write perhaps a hundred words that you made you sweat, the effort was so great to attain them.  But you will still be a hundred words further along than you were before.  And if you write only a hundred words a day, that still adds up to thousands in a month.  

Write. One word at a time. That’s how The Stand was written. Pride and Prejudice. Clan of the Cave Bear.  They all emerged one word at a time.  You can do it.