An Interlude with – Me!

Changing it up a bit today . . . because I always feel odd when it’s “my turn” in a self-promotional series. Truth.

So, we the undersigned (linked) are having a Scavenger Hunt until February 14th! There will be two prize packages, each containing one e-book of Romantic Interludes, the Valentine anthology from TWCS:


as well as a signed paperback novel of their choice for the winner. Yes, the winner gets to choose which TWCS book they’d like from one of the seven authors linked below.

This is open internationally, so please feel free to enter, wherever you are. 🙂

My story is:


Ten years ago, April Peterson asked her long-time crush, pen pal Lance Corporal Justin Clark, for a date. In shock after his first military deployment to Afghanistan, he ignored her, eventually deleting his email account so that she couldn’t get in touch with him.

When they meet again, April Peterson Sinclair is a widow with a young daughter and Gunnery Sergeant Justin Clark, USMC, tries to show her how he has always felt. Justin asks for a day spent alone together—just what April had asked of him long ago—and during that day, he gets his second chance.

Would you like the chance to win? 

Through February 14th, each of the following authors will have a candy heart hidden somewhere on their website.

Lissa Bryan

Suzy Duffy

T.M. Franklin

Allie Jean

Sandi Layne

Sydney Logan

Jennifer Schmidt

What you have to do is find all of candy hearts (there are seven, one per author), put them together for a romantic quote to solve the puzzle, and then you’ll use that quote as one of the entries into the drawing.

Yes, I have a candy heart hidden somewhere on this website, too. You’ll just have to go looking for it!

Click here to enter!

Click here to enter!

Happy Hunting!