Sweetheart Scavenger Hunt

Valentine’s Day has long been considered a Greeting Card occasion.  Something created so you can buy a card and candy for someone.  But at The Writer’s Coffee Shop, we’d like to give something to you, instead!


Seven authors from TWCS have contributed to an anthology, Romantic Interludes. Each story is romantic with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.  What we’re going to do is host a Scavenger Hunt for our readers and followers to win a prize.

Beginning on January 25th and going through February 14th, each of the following authors will have a candy heart hidden somewhere on their website.

Lissa Bryan

Suzy Duffy

T.M. Franklin

Allie Jean

Sandi Layne

Sydney Logan

Jennifer Schmidt

What you have to do is find all of candy hearts (there are seven), put them together for a romantic quote to solve the puzzle, and then you’ll use that quote as one of the entries into the drawing.

My story is “Justin’s Second Chance”. Do you love a man in uniform? I fell in love with one, myself! I’ll be introducing Justin to you soon!