Early Look

Even for me!

The Elf on the Shelf at TWCS has been showing off the bookmarks of each book that has been on the special $4.99 sale during their 12 Days of Christmas Promotion. When I was told that my book would be available, too, I asked the Chief Marketing Officer if I would see my bookmark first in person or online.

Because, you see, I haven’t seen my book or the bookmarks yet.  Not in my hot chilly little hands, anyway. She very kindly sent me the picture that will be used on the TWCS website on Christmas Eve, and I thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

The 12 day of Christmas

So now we all know what the bookmarks look like (it’s the one on the right)! 🙂

Other than the brief stint on the 24th, Éire’s Captive Moon is currently in the pre-order phase.  That means you can pre-order it on iTunes here:Éire’s Captive Moon - Sandi Layne

Kells Bird

or you can order a paperback copy direct from the publisher by clicking on the image used for Charis’s tattoo. 🙂 If you do order a paperback, remember, I will send you a personalized, signed bookplate for it.