Éire’s Captive Moon

Éire’s Captive Moon is now available for purchase!

Where? Well you can get paperback and e-book editions (all formats) at the TWCS Website. Or you can go to Amazon for the KINDLE and PAPERBACK editions.

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New review in from Ambrosia

I loved the writing in this book I really did. There were times that I hated the Vikings for what they did to the Irish and there were other times where they made me smile because they did something honorable.

From Fairusa

Just like Sandi’s descriptions of her character’s surroundings, her portrayal of the characters themselves provides the reader with enough detail to be able to envision them, without forcing an image onto them. The cover shows what Charis looks like, including her striking facial tattoo, but Cowan and Agnarr are partially left to the imagination, with enough hints to help the reader along. Based on what is given, I envision Cowan as a mix between Gerard Butler in Attila the Hun and Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven, while Agnarr appears to me more like Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman and Heath Ledger in Roar. Enticing visuals, if I do say so.

And from Rel8tivity:

Éire’s Captive Moon exudes dramatic tension from the moment you pick it up.

From Lissa Bryan, author of Ghostwriter and the upcoming The End of All Things:

The historical detail and setting are intricately woven into the plot and the characters behave believably within the cultural context. I loved the conflicts between the early Christian church and the lingering belief systems of the people.

From mrsaubergine:

I appreciated the research that must have gone into the setting, and the tone was very reflective of the period.

From Jennifer Garcia:

The characters–all of them– were so well worked that I fell in love with some I probably shouldn’t have and definitely hated those I should. Every single character was well-formed in my mind. I saw [the] moonbeam’s pale hair and skin and her bird tattoo. I saw the Viking’s braids, thick and hanging. Our heroine was strong and stubborn and truly for her own good.

From Raina:

Sandi Layne delivered a spectacular, action-packed book that not only encompassed such a theme (in my opinion) but also showed a journey with authenticity. It wasn’t only history but what could be a version of an untold story, rich with details. The research that must have gone into this book—from herbolism to sailing, the geography to the battle sequences, the various cultures and the languages (which Sandi Layne brilliantly weaved and transcended across the barriers)—it still astounds me! I’d recommend Éire’s Captive Moon to anyone who loves history with a dash of Romance and (maybe) a little Fantasy-esque feel. As a lover of all three genres, I’m putting Éire’s Captive Moon on my favorite shelf.

From Sherry Gomes:

The very best thing was that Sandi Layne kept me guessing to the very end. When Charis had a choice to make, I honestly could not guess which way she would go. I knew what I wanted to happen, but I was not sure Charis wanted the same thing. Few authors can keep me wondering to the very end of the book. I almost always figure things out before it’s answered in the story. I found myself thinking, come on, come on. What is she gonna do? Holding my breath, and feeling absolutely delighted that I did not have a clue!

~ Sandi


  1. Anonymous · November 30, 2012

    Very impressive in all ways! The book sounds intriguing; the music and photos are very professionally done! Best wishes on the success of this book!

    • Sandi · November 30, 2012

      Thank you! 🙂 I know good people, don’t I?

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