He’s happy

My main words to the child psychiatrist this week were,

He’s happy!

Because MSG (aka Builder, aka Little Guy who isn’t “little” anymore and insists upon being called Medium Sized) has been happy, of late. Some of it is just being out of school, of course. Some of it is growing.  And…some of it is the meds.

Now, I am not a fan of instant-medication for kids. I’m not. I think it’s too easy to just prescribe a child into a place of mellowness when they should be trying to master their self-control.


We tried, with MSG. For more than a year.  We worked with therapists and specialists and his environment.  But his anxiety levels were such that he needed a chemical boost and he has that, now.

I do not regret trying everything else first. I never will, because I think it was best for everyone. But it is nice to see him so much less angry.  So much more playful.

So much happier.

We’re in summer school now and fifth grade is looming.  His final year of elementary school.  I hope and pray it will be better than last year. And you know what? I really think it will be.


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