Busy Summer!

As school let out for the summer and friends started sharing their “vacation activities,” I shared my to-do list.

It looks like this:

  • Edit with the publisher’s editing team for book one of the Éire’s Viking trilogy:  Éire’s Captive Moon. (Sound familiar? More info forthcoming.)
  • Continue to write the second book in said trilogy:  Éire’s Viking
  • Write short-story for submission to a Valentine anthology.  Deadline: September 1st.
  • Write series of articles for submission to the Fictionista’s Writers’ Toolbox series. To be posted in September, the deadline is in August.
  • Spousal Unit’s family reunion (June). [Hey, I can include it even though it’s done.]
  • Trip to my family in Tennessee (August).
  • Summer school (Extended School Year program) for Medium-Sized Guy (July-August).Image
  • Read and review Sydney Logan’s first novel, Lessons Learned. Deadline: last week of August.

This is, of course, in addition to the usual domestic duties and teaching for family worship on Sunday mornings. Today, the lesson is from Mark 11. 🙂

I am really excited about this summer and the upcoming publishing schedule!  As I have definitive dates for the Éire’s Viking trilogy, I will share them.  Right now, I think we’re looking at January publications.  It’s really exciting!

Sometimes, I am asked how I manage to do the stuff I do.  I can only say that the key is prioritizing things.  Is God being honored every day?  Have I seen to the Spousal Unit’s most important requests?  Are my sons happy and healthy?  Is my house functional? (I am not a perfectionist on this score, believe me!  I just like to keep things in some order.)

After all these things, I remind myself that I am only one chick and have only one body and one set of hands.  Each day has a goal (or seven) and I have deadlines I set up for myself on a regular basis.

As I always say, multitasking is the only way to live. At least, that’s true for me. 🙂


  1. Warren C. Bennett · July 2, 2012

    I have a to do list for the next year, but tomorrow I’m going to chop it up in to smaller chunks. My first move is to get out of Arizona, which means bringing in more money. However, I’d also like to get a Short story collection together and in publishable form by August. Luckily I have like 20 short stories laying about…

    I also am going to write about 12 scripts for a new web-comic I’m developing, based on Truck Driver culture. This is an interesting project, because I’ve had so many truck-drivers in my life. My mom was one, my brother was/is one, my cousin is one. I would drive trucks if I didn’t have such screwed up 3D vision. (Yeah – I don’t imagine “it looked like I still had room” would be a good excuse after backing over a Mazda Miata…) I also want to finish my Scifi Noir novel, write some radio plays, and a bunch of other things. I don’t multitask well, but I’ve been blessed with a very large amount of time, heh.

    Priorities, etc.

    BTW looking forward to this new Trilogy. I actually mentioned Captive Irish Moon in the self-publish group at WAEnet.com (Writers, artist, editors) when talking about reviewing books for people. A question was brought up “How do you get people to review your books?” I guess people often say they will read a book and don’t. I suggested making sure they were interested in the genre of said book. I said that I am not a big romance fan, but a friend of mine (IE: you) sent me a historical fiction book and I just kind of ate it up. Of course I mentioned the book and the writer 🙂

    Anyway – Sounds good. I had wanted to stay all summer in Missouri, but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen now. No biggie, at least I get to spend the Fourth of July with my family. I hope to be out of here by the end of the month, however.

    • Sandi · July 2, 2012

      Thanks for the nod! I think you’ll find that Éire’s Captive Moon will be more interesting with a new prologue and perhaps a bit smoother to read due to my editors and their awesomeness. 🙂

      How to get reviews for self-published books? There are places, I believe, but I really haven’t tried so I don’t know. I DO know that there are many SP books that have been widely reviewed. Check on Goodreads, maybe. Lots of reviewers, there.

      I love the idea about the trucker comic. My daddy was a trucker once upon a time. Very cool.

      And hey, re: multitasking. You poor poor males, cue music, are not as wired for it as we are. Your strength is to focus on one task at a time and make it work, fix it, complete it with proficiency and speed. So do that. Prioritization and personal self-discipline can make it happen. lol

      And hey, you haven’t had soda in six months. THAT is hugely disciplined of you. I’m still a caffeine addict though I did wean myself from that addiction for the duration of two pregnancies. 🙂

      • Warren C. Bennett · July 18, 2012

        I have no plans on getting rid of Caffeine. I did go caffeine free a few times in my life, but I like tea to much to keep that up. Plus there is my growing love of coffee…

        And no, I don’t do multitasking well at all. BTW I’m looking at the end of August now. BUT – I’ll be here when my niece Desi visits. So I’m happy about that.

        • Sandi · July 18, 2012

          Caffeine is hard to abandon entirely. LOL

          And I’m glad you’ll get to see Desi. How old is she, now?

      • Warren C. Bennett · July 19, 2012

        Seventeen years old. She’s on the cusp of adulthood and I’m starting life over. I don’t know if I should feel old or what…

        • Sandi · July 20, 2012

          So long as you’re moving forward, you can feel anyway you want. 🙂

      • Warren C. Bennett · July 20, 2012

        Yeah, somedays I feel like I am, others I feel like I am spinning my wheels. Usually the wheel spinning days are when I feel oldish XD

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