Got it done! Mostly…

Ever since he was three or four years old, my elder son – David – has understood the concept of “story.” He gets conflict and resolution. He understands the need for tension in a plot. It’s instinctive to him, though he says,

“Hello? My mom’s a novelist?”

But really, I think it’s just his awesomely cool brain.

So I use him sometimes, when I am in a sticky place.  I bounce stuff off his brain and think out loud and he says something snarky or whatever and it clicks for me. Because he GETS me.

We did that this evening and he totally helped me figure out the penultimate link in my chain for Éire’s Viking. When we finished talking, I bounced to my computer, whipped out my outline notes, and jotted down what we had discussed.

Oh, it’ll undergo revision as I write, to be sure.  But I am so thankful that he’s there and willing to listen to his mom ramble about her ninth century people. He reminds me of things from the first book, helps me to find anchors for things to happen in the second and even third.

He could be a writer someday.  His brain’s wired like that.  Once he gets some living under his belt. 🙂

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