Driving and Waiting

Moment in the life:

Location:  Elementary School foyer.

Companions:  Lots of other parents, and two grandparents.

Occupation: Waiting for our kids.

I drive my son to school and home every day. He had a bad experience with bus drivers when he was in the first grade and (nothing heinous, but he can’t handle buses, now) and he just can’t manage to take the bus to school anymore.  I tried, believe me, but…no.

So, I drive him. To school.  Every day.  To school, back home. Work and mess around at home and then I drive back to school and then back home. It amounts to about an hour a day, at this school.  It was twice as long when we lived in Florida, so really, this is an improvement.

Driving him gives us time, though. Time to work on multiplication together. Time to talk about God (which is a challenge, I assure you, with my son).  Time to discuss music and his behavior expectations and what I would be doing with my day.  And then when I am driving alone? I can sing to my Ultimate 80’s CD on the car stereo. (I still can’t figure out how to link up an iPod…I am so inept. My son could do it, but…I am used to CDs.)

The trip in the afternoon is harder, some times.  Often, my son is unhappy with his day. He is angry. He rages in the back seat of the car and I have more than once been very thankful for the child safety locks that keep him in the car.  I have had things thrown at me. I have been yelled at in all kinds of ways… But… Still. It’s our time.  We sometimes have great rides. Good talks. Good silences.

I remember when he used to be happy about taking a bus.  There was a lot to be said about it. But, this…this has its benefits, too.

And some days, when you’re living with autism in the house, the very best thing to do is find all the positives. 🙂

We live across the street from the high school. Once in a while, when I’m tired, I look out my window and remind myself than in a few years? He’ll be getting himself back and forth to school without any worry or involvement on my part.

I’m really looking forward to that. 🙂