Outline Time

This is the thing. I use outlines on my longer stories. I do.

I just don’t start out with outlines. I know.  I generally wait to outline until I am two or three chapters committed into the book.

For the currently-titled Éire’s Viking, it is now time to outline. I know the ending. I see it in my head, like a portrait.  I have spent the first three chapters of the book introducing my principle characters and getting them in the same place.  Now, I have more than twenty chapters to outline.

There will be at least one good fight.  There will be romance.  There will be betrayal.  All of these things will be woven with a story encompassing a man who is torn but desirous of starting a new life. His struggles will be internal and external.  It should be a great story.

I just need to organize it to keep my tension steady and the pattern clearly woven.

I’m looking forward to it happening.  I will give myself one morning in which to talk myself into this outline, jot it down, and print it out to tape to my wall.  Will it change over the next several weeks? Undoubtedly, a bit. Here and there. But I am very excited to see the paths my characters will be taking.

I hope they have fun. 🙂


  1. Warren C. Bennett · April 21, 2012

    I tend to outline long works but not short. I started outlining when I started writing screenplays – it helped me keep on track towards the resolution. On the current novel I’m writing (The one where I have the first half finished and the last half finished, but not the middle half) it has really helped keep everything tighter paced. I need to just finish the middle half though…

    • Sandi · April 21, 2012

      How many halves do you have there? lol

      I can’t work out of sequence, myself. I can SEE things out of sequence, but when I write, I have to write in the order I present the book.

      • Warren C. Bennett · April 21, 2012

        This happened because I had to use another computer for a bit. Having an outline helps me to be able to work out of sequence. I know where I am at because I have a roadmap. I still find it easier to write short stories though, but hopefully I’ll actually finish this novel, heh.

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