Routines are Good

Autism Moment du jour ~

Routines are important for folks. Neurotypical or not, people like to have an order to things. For those on the Autism Spectrum, these routines are security and stability. They can mean the difference between a great day and a lousy one.

David, my older son, has routines that are set in stone.  His little brother is much the same.  I wake up Medium-Sized Guy at 7:15 (if he hasn’t awakened yet). He makes an appearance whenever he gets around to it, occupying himself until 7:45 with all manner of interests.  Computer time, game time, reading his Hobbit graphic novel…he rotates.  Breakfast and morning meds at 7:45, make lunch at 8:10, brush teeth and dress at 8:15, sign papers to go back to school at 8:25 and we’re out the door at 8:30.

What’s lovely is that, after I get him his meds, he’s on his own.  He does all the rest of it himself, leaving his papers out for me and arranging everything just so. I just have to bring a pen.
We have peaceful mornings, by and large. I love that both my boys are so independent (in their own ways) because I need my time, too.
It’s a great life. 🙂
Happy Friday!


  1. bebeccalee · April 13, 2012

    We are such creatures of habit. I need a better morning routine though, might help me out a bit!

    • Sandi · April 13, 2012

      Morning routines are good, I think, because getting out the door is not something that has a lot of flexibility. But make something that works for you and makes you smile!

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