Odd, that.

Once upon a time, within my lifetime, a week was the earliest you would hear from someone via standard communication. A letter you might write on Monday would go in the mail on Tuesday and get to its recipient no earlier than Thursday. At this point, if it were URGENT, they would write back and put the response in the mail on Friday and you could get a reply in your mailbox on Monday.


We learned, back then, that waiting was necessary.

Today, you might email someone and start getting antsy for a response within minutes. If there isn’t an answer in your inbox within twenty-four hours, you might start to worry a great deal.  And a week…?  Heaven forfend!

I am reminding myself of this, today, as I think about things I have sent out by email and snail-mail recently.  I am reminding myself that I know how to wait.

I do.

But I’ll probably still keep checking my inbox every five minutes. At least.


  1. Warren C. Bennett · April 9, 2012

    I remember waiting for Books from the SciFi bookclub. I think we had to wait 3 to 6 months for ’em…

    Kind of miss the slower times. If you are interested, I wrote something about those days on my blog. You may have read it before though…

    • Sandi · April 10, 2012

      I totally remember those days. LOL I’d get the order and would have forgotten what I wrote…

      • Warren C. Bennett · April 10, 2012

        Yup. It is much faster now though… I guess they had to evolve with the modern age.

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