Today’s Autism Moment is brought to you by the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Fair. (The STEM Fair)

Medium-Sized Guy has been fascinated by electric circuits. (This was before the current fascination with his video game.) When it was time to choose a project for the STEM Fair, something involving electricity was a natural choice.

Writing the report did not thrill my son, but writing in his log book as we run tests involving temperature and circuits was highly involving.  He hunkered right down with a composition book (for his LOG) and a pen, closing the circuit over and over patiently.  He did this during the Room Temperature Trials and the Hot Bathroom Trial. (Because, due to student safety, apparently my idea of putting the circuit board into the oven (door open; I’m not totally stupid) wasn’t an option. Sigh.  He did great.

Next up: The Deep Freeze Trial.

Sometimes, moments with a child on the Autism Spectrum are EXACTLY like moments with a neurotypical child.

Now, we’ll have to see what happens when I tell him he’s going to have to revise that report…

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Weekend!