Head Noise

Bear with me.

I’m doing it again.

One of the best things in the world about being a novelist is exploring my imagination.  Unfortunately (?) my imagination is rather like Grand Central Station – crowded and perhaps chaotic on ground-level, though there are movement patterns one can see with the right perspective.

But sometimes, doing this means I am writing a few things at once.  On occasion, I must prioritize these projects.

Right now, I have three novels in a state of progress.  You’ve heard about two of them, if you’ve been reading me for a while.  One is In the Name of Duty (or the Novel that I’ve written over complete twice, but haven’t made it work for myself yet but I hope that the next iteration will be the final one), the second is Guide and Guardian (historical, taking place here in Maryland and in Pennsylvania in the 1740’s, before The French and Indian War).

The third is the long-awaited-but-now-I-have-the-right-timeline sequel to Captive Irish Moon.

Some of you have read CIM, and I thank you. 🙂

The sequel is one I have started twice (I am seeing a vague pattern here) but haven’t finished because my research kept turning up different dates. I have finally found a timeline that is legitimate and works and all of a sudden, the concluding two books of the series clicked in my head, so I am now back to work on IT.

And for now, this new title gets priority:  Éire’s Viking.

If you read CIM, you might remember Aislinn. She’s my heroine for this story. It’s been ten years since Charis and Cowan returned to King Branieucc’s realm in Ulaid, and a long-denied Viking will once again crash in on the life of the protagonists.

Thank you for bearing with me as my brain runs on. 🙂  I’ll keep you posted. 🙂