Autism moment of the day:

I prefer flats to heels. I like how heels look on me, understand.  I like the line of the leg, etc. I love how I look in skirts when I wear heels, and if all I had to do was stand and look gracious, I would wear heels with considerably more frequency than I do.

However.  I have to actually move and comport myself with some degree of accuracy during the day so I prefer flats.  They just feel better.

Honestly? I prefer bare feet, but that’s not always acceptable.

With Medium-Sized Guy, as with so many people on the Autism Spectrum, the issue is what goes next to the skin.  And sometimes, with a shocking change-about, he will decide that what he has refused to wear for years is suddenly acceptable. (Like button-down shirts.)  Other times, it’s the reverse. The regular is (for a time) anathema.

Today, it was underwear.  After wearing one particular style for years, something fired in his head and what he had was no longer tolerable. He had to have the “other” style.  Today. So, we went to Target and got him a multi-pack of the other style.

I advised him to keep the original style.  “Just so you have a choice.”

“Good idea. Thanks, Mom!”

And suddenly, the Freaking Out Over Underwear child had hidden himself in the basement so that the Generally Happy Kid was back in evidence.

Never underestimate the power of underwear.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Warren C. Bennett · April 4, 2012

    You just made me say Under Where? Or at least think it 🙂

    • Sandi · April 5, 2012

      Medium Sized Guy is laughing. 🙂

  2. hardwurkindaddy · April 8, 2012

    I completely understand this…I have different styles myself because sometimes…you need the breeze and sometimes…you need the support!

    • Sandi · April 8, 2012

      I…just can’t relate. lol
      But I trust your judgment. 🙂

      • Warren C. Bennett · April 8, 2012

        I can’t really either… Underwear is underwear, heh.

        • Sandi · April 9, 2012

          Oh, please don’t let this become the underwear blog… 😉

      • Warren C. Bennett · April 9, 2012

        Would you prefer it to be about under garments instead? Much more civilized 🙂

      • hardwurkindaddy · July 21, 2012

        I don’t see why not…and doubt I ever will.

      • Warren C. Bennett · July 21, 2012

        That’s it. I dub thee “Sandi Quill’s Blog o’ Undergarment. All about undergarments, all the time.” This can be your first post: A medieval bra!

        • Sandi · July 21, 2012

          This is a really really cool article. I am enjoying muchly. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. but I have to ask, what prompted you to look for medieval undergarments? 😉

      • Warren C. Bennett · July 21, 2012

        Well I saw the article on foxnews.com, and when Brian responded to the undergarment thread I thought of your Irish books. And then I remembered the fox news article and I was like “Hey Sandi might want to read about it.” I actually find it quite interesting – it shows that as much as we know about history, there is so much we don’t know. The fact that they had a bra when bras weren’t suppose to have been invented yet makes me wonder about what *else* we think that isn’t true, regarding history.

        …so yah. That and it fit the theme of the conversation, heh.

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