I don’t do video games.

Autism post du jour:

“Dave?” I call to my now-eighteen-year-old elder son, “it would be really helpful if you could just do this.”

“This” is playing a two-person video game on the iPad and iPod touch devices my guys completely understand.  Little Guy has been DYING to play with Big Brother, but Dave just hasn’t wanted to do that.  Which I get, but sometimes…?

Sometimes we just have to take one for the team.  Because Mom doesn’t DO video games.
Little Guy (pardon me, Medium-Sized Guy) spent quite some time watching YouTube videos about this game.  It’s been vetted by my husband and brother-in-law as being entirely appropriate for a ten-year-old boy, so I have no concerns on that score.I just have no actual interest in these things.My guys all do.Sigh.

Dave might not be all that keen on playing all the games his little brother concocts, but sometimes, it’s a good thing.  Today, I said, “It’s good for him. He needs to practice playing with others.”

Medium-Sized Guy does not excel at playing well with others. He’s a control freak. (So is Dave!) It’s hard to engage in the give-and-take of playing with someone in a mutually-agreeable manner.

But right now?  I have two sons, neither of them adept at this type of thing, playing a video game. Together. Commenting with their voices as their characters do…whatever it is the characters do.

I have no idea. I don’t do video games.  I just do parenthood.

It’s an endlessly fascinating occupation. 🙂

Happy Monday!