I want… I need… I have. :-)

God is like this.

He is not Santa Claus. He’s a contractor.  Knowing the exact parameters of a situation, he lines up what is needed to take care us in such a way as we will have what we need. Provided, of course, that folks are listening and not trying to do it THEIR way.

“God, I want a house with big bedrooms. I want a safe neighborhood. Good schools. I want a manageable mortgage, Lord.  I want… I want...”


Seriously, though, the parameters were tight, here.

  • Reasonable commute for Spousal Unit
  • Safety for our family.
  • Enough bedrooms for each of us.
  • Space
  • Schools for the kids
  • A timeframe that would likely tax the escrow division of whatever real estate law firm/lender/agency Spousal Unit would be working with up there.
  • Having my shy-with-strangers-and-that’s-why-he-married-me spouse have to talk to people. On his own.
  • And only one move would be nice so as not to have to rent trucks and so on twice.
  • Oh, and we need to be moved in by the first of August because I have two kids to register for school. Yeah, that.
It’s a lot of “wants.”  Several “gotta haves” up there.
But there was also a lot of prayer. A lot of faith. A lot of, “God has a home up there all ready for us. We’ll be fine,” to the kids.  I didn’t tell God what I wished for.  I told him that I only wanted what HE wants for me.
Because, in the end, that’s the truth.
Our escrow will close in time for us to move in before the end of July.  Our mortgage will be completely within our budget.  The house has a basement and lots of space.  I’ll have a garage for my car.
And I know tons of people who have volunteered their winter expertise to this tropical transplant so that I can enter my first REAL winter without too much trepidation.
God is like this. He knows what we need before we do. He sets up the satisfactions for our needs in our path. Our job is to trust, to keep our eyes wide open, to never stop believing, and… no matter what… to give thanks. Because we are alive and we can.


  1. Gerti M. · June 20, 2011

    Sandi – I think I may have mentioned this briefly before… I know the granddaughter of one the founders of CSAAC in Maryland – they help out with finding schools & communities for families with autistic children… so when you get here there will be resources & help. We are praying for your safe arrival and comfortable settling!

    • Sandi · June 20, 2011

      That will be SO awesome. Thank you.
      You are your dear family are just the most amazing people. Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Warren C. Bennett · June 20, 2011

    God is good at knowing what we need when we pray. He isn’t a slot machine, only dealing out the jackpot on a limited basis. The way he does things may not always be how *we* would do it, but that is okay. His way is infinitely better.

    • Sandi · June 21, 2011

      Yep. Infinitely. Sad that it takes years to figure that out for some of us. Sigh.

      Gotta say I am minorly wigging about living in Maryland.

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