Semper Gumby

When Spousal Unit was in the USMC, he and the guys on his gun used the phrase Semper Gumby to remind themselves that they had to be “Always Flexible” while in the field. Especially so during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

This is a highly useful mindset and one I am employing – yet again – today.

My little guy is being bold and daring and buying lunch at the school cafeteria. Sometimes. He has a picky palate, so we choose what he’ll eat in advance on the printed menu. For a little guy who doesn’t like surprises, it’s a good way to manage things.

Until they change the menu at the last minute. Like they did today.

Instead of chicken whole grain corn dogs, the cafeteria is serving macaroni and cheese. Normally, this would not be a problem for the average child. But my kids aren’t entirely average in terms of food. Neither of them care for Mac-n-cheese, the Great American Stand-by Meal. My older son has learned to eat it, but the little guy still hasn’t.

So. I am bringing him in a lunch. It’s an hour round-trip for me to get to his school and back home. I have to leave again in half an hour to buy said lunch, drive it to school, drop it off and then I’ll come back home. I will probably have to gas my Jeep again, too.

Semper Gumby. It’s a good motto. 🙂