About a Boy and a Girl and a Ring

It was a sunny, Southern Californian afternoon at the junior high school.  She was thirteen, he fifteen years of age.  They each had friends at their sides so weren’t quite alone when they first met at the lunch table.

It was her deep brown eyes that caught his notice, and the way her head tilted at their meeting.  “Alice,” was how she was introduced to him. “This is Orval.”

She paused only an instant before smiling and saying, “Hi, Red.”  She never did like his given name, but was very much taken by his James Dean smile and the slightly dangerous edge.

The two of them started dating in October.  He walked her home, though it was miles out of his way, pretty much every day.  They continued seeing each other through high school, becoming one of those stable “opposites attract” couples that people make movies about in Hollywood.  He was into the shop classes, smoked, wore jeans and motorcycle boots. She was in the gifted classes for “superior pupils” and was a noted bookworm.  Her smile shone for him with adoration, as his did for her.  He gave her his class ring…

Sometimes, she gave it back.  But then, they’d reunite and reconnect and reconcile…

And one day, they ran off to Las Vegas to get married.  She wanted to be a June bride, but could NOT wait one more day to be his wife! So, on the last day of May, Memorial Day that year, they wed.

Oh yeah, she’s still wearing his ring. 


Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!



  1. Kristin · May 31, 2011

    This story is so friggen cute! Gah! Just like the movies. Happy anniversary to your parents!

    • Sandi · May 31, 2011

      Hi, Kristin!

      Thank you. They really are that cute. It’s so sweet. 🙂

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