Controlled Chaos

Been busy here in Southwest Florida!

My house is beginning to resemble a storage facility, with boxes stacked against walls – to the ceiling in one room – and tape and box-cutters and markers in appropriate, convenient locations.  I am collecting paperwork for my children as I prepare to withdraw them from this school district after the end of the term.

My bookshelves are sadly empty. Almost.

It’s odd.

However, while this is going on, I am doing what I call an “inventory reduction” on my titles in stock here by giving books away on Goodreads. (See this post.)

There’s also a contest I am thinking about entering in July and I am preparing a manuscript for that.  I am also currently writing a column for my usual Quill’s Corner submission.  There are gifts to buy for my younger son’s teachers and aides and therapists (the Special Education teams are just wonderful) and educational opportunities to investigate for my older son’s final year of high school once we move.

I have a to-do list that is quite involved. I so enjoy the controlled chaos of my life.

Yes, really!

So if I am scarce here for the next few weeks, please bear with me.  Email if you like. Check out my future giveaways on Goodreads – I’ll be offering autographed copies of SILENT MUSIC, SUMMER’S MUSIC and two of AN UNEXPECTED WOMAN as the spring ends and summer rolls around.  Know that I am preparing not only a new novel for your entertainment but also making plans to relocate my entire family into a new environment.

My husband is already there, which means that I am doing this kind of as a single parent, but without the juggling-childcare aspect.  It’s kind of a rough go, but I feel that all is well. 🙂

I hope the same can be said of you.  That all is well.

May God bless you and keep you smiling!



  1. Kristin · May 29, 2011

    Good morning, Ms. Master of Chaos! I know you will get through these next few weeks because you are superwoman, er- SanditheQuill! Good luck with everything and the big move. When is yoour actual moving date? X

    • Sandi · May 29, 2011

      Hello, hello, Kristin!

      LOL Yeah, I keep my costume in my other closet…

      I don’t have an actual date, since we don’t have an actual house yet. lol BUT I am thinking optimistically. (Am I a goof? Almost certainly.) I am looking at the second half of July for a relocation time. I have a while, but I know that the final couple of weeks will be hectic with MUST DOs so I do what I can now. 🙂

      You’re so kind to drop in!

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