Have Laptop, Will Travel

Current…currents in the House O’Quill.  🙂

Spousal Unit got a job in Maryland, as many of you know.  This means that we will be relocating within a few months.  “We” meaning the Offspring Units and myself.  Spousal Unit is already there! 

I am contemplating the mysteries of living in a place WITH SEASONS.  I am contemplating the need for SOCKS and CLOSED-TOE SHOES. I am contemplating the idea of writing a novel set in the new state, since I’ve set novels in California, Arizona and Florida already.  Maryland…Hmmm..

Is it romantic, up there? 😀

I am not stressed. I am not dismayed. I am only vaguely concerned about timetables and school registrations. I am optimistic that there will be a place for us to live that we can move into this summer.  I am.  I believe that when one is seeking God’s path diligently, it will be there under your feet as you step in faith.

I can’t see the stepping stones ahead – but I know they’re there.

“Your word, O Lord, is a lamp to my feet. It’s a light to my path.” 

It’s not a Trip-Tych from AAA, nor is it a series of directions from Google Maps.  Just a light shining in my immediate vicinity, letting me know that God’s not leaving me stranded in a swamp.

But even if I were in a swamp, I’d still be cool…because I would trust that a way would be there to get out of it when it was time.  

In the meantime, I am packing up the house and we’re finishing out the school year.  And I’m working on a novel set in California. I’ve been there.  I look forward to what new ideas will germinate when I learn a new place.

Have laptop, will travel. 🙂


  1. Brian · May 21, 2011

    Believe me it’s culture shock at the very least…I am still dealing with this “spring” thing out here in Pennsylvania. They say it gets to summer but I don’t see it happening. I think it is gonna just get cold again…brrrr…welcome to the east, fellow deserter!

    • Sandi · May 21, 2011

      When I moved from CA to AZ, the culture shock wasn’t big, except that in CA, they pretend they DON’T live in a desert (when the natural environment often dictates otherwise, in places) and in AZ they embrace it.

      Moving to FL was a huge change for me. I can’t even breathe, here.lol

      I am preparing my inner hermit for culture shock in MD. It’s going to be far different than I am used to, for sure. Spring. What a concept. And summer…? I am thinking I’ll freak out a lot come “autumn.” What’s THAT? lol

      Thanks muchly. PA, huh? I know people there. It’s so strange… I know a lot of people up there. lol

      Thanks for dropping by!

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