My Life as a Nonconformist

I am a first born.  I am female.  I was raised to enjoy being held as an example for my younger siblings and to be an ambassador for my family.  As such, I was almost always a good student, with exemplary behavior and a positive disposition.

Boring? Perhaps.  Nauseating? Only to my siblings. 😉  Follower?  Not so much.

See, I have issues.

I have rebellion issues.

Like this mouse, here, I want to do things my way. You will note that the mouse remained within the maze. He totally did. The environment in which he was placed has boundaries and you will see that he has kept within those boundaries.  He merely changed the rules for obtaining what he wished.

I totally, totally dig that.

As a mom, I have encouraged my children to think outside of the box…but they need to also be aware of that box so they CAN operate within it.  Some sociological norms are necessary on a day to day basis. And when you’re a minor, they can be compulsory.  But that doesn’t mean their minds should stop at the edges.  They should imagine how to live outside of them…I encourage their imaginative moments, their humor, their inventions.

In my various professions over the years, I have failed to conform to what someone wished.  I have found myself fired from jobs as mundane as an office aide in high school (true story) as well as teaching elementary school (also a true story) for my failure to perform tasks in a manner set by rote. My ways worked, understand.  They worked and worked well for the tasks at hand, but I was not supposed to be inventive as a neophyte.

I didn’t choose to conform.

In writing, I don’t tend to follow the curves, either.  I throw in “OH NO!” subjects, I write quirky characters, I explore dark psyches in Christian books.  I am comfortable discussing drug labs and serial killing as well as hermeneutics.  This isn’t “normal” and doesn’t conform to the average idea of a Sunday School teacher, I know.

As a novelist, I write to my own soundtrack.  I live with an eye on the “What if” in so many situations.  To me, this is creative, controlled psychological adventuring.  Maybe not what the average reader is looking for…

But I’m not terribly average. I’m that mouse up there.  Chewing my way through the walls to get what I want. It’s kind of messy sometimes, but… I really enjoy the cheese. 🙂