I Am a Serial Novelist

I am preparing a new monthly column and reflecting upon my work habits.  I have a title for what I do.

I am a serial novelist.

This is, sometimes, a lot like being a serial killer but without the need to bury bodies.

I don’t write a book, take a month to regroup, then start plotting and designing a new story concept.  Granted, much of what I eventually write hasn’t been published, but I assure you I write almost every single day.  Rather, while I am writing one novel, I have notes for two to four others being made on my desktop.  I am writing, perhaps, about Rhiannon and Preston (from Making a Diamond) but on another document I am jotting down notes for She Was Riveting, a story I’ve got going taking place during World War II, and I’ve got my mental conversations happening concerning Robert and Georgiana in In the Name of Duty, an historical romance that’s still a work in progress. Alas.

So now that Making a Diamond is published and up for sale (with a Kindle edition — my first and I am SO excited!) I am now working on She Was Riveting and In the Name of Duty.  Whichever one grabs most of my brain next will be the one I tend to focus on for the next few months, until it is ready to go to my beta-readers.

Over the course of my writing career (such as it is) I have written more than twenty-five novels.  For a total of three years, I didn’t write any.  (Homeschooling sapped my brain!) But on the whole, I continue to be a serial novelist.  I am hidden in my neighborhood – no one expects my predilection.  I plot responses and presentations, like any good serial-anything.  And like a serial killer, perhaps, I make sure I have something to do if “this one goes badly.”

Am I macabre? Almost certainly.  Do I leave a trail of dead bodies behind me?  Dead characters could rise from their collective graves and hunt me down…if they were real.

But I also hope that, in my serial novelist career, I bring good stories of people who fall in love under the strangest of circumstances.  Stories of hope, with deep feelings and/or laughter. Stories of faith.  Stories of trust.

I am a serial novelist.  I am always working on something.  Be afraid. 😉